Waterfront Boutique to Open in Calais

The Waterfront Boutique will occupy the corner spot across the alley from Karen’s Diner on Main Street when it opens this fall. (Photo by Lura Jackson)

By Lura Jackson


Downtown Calais will soon be hosting a new store in the form of Waterfront Boutique. Set to be located across the alley from Karen’s Diner in Jake Chambers’s handsomely restored building, the store will be a re-imagined version of Candy Bridges’s semiformal clothing and gift store that was most recently operating in Baring under the name of Nie’s Boutique and Bake Shop. With the building in Baring now sold to an as-yet unconfirmed buyer, Bridges needed a new location for her enterprise, and Chambers’s building fit the bill.

While the building – which was unused for several years – needed a fair amount of work done on the interior, it was a task that local contractor Steven Scott was able to handle. Scott, who owns and operates JBS Construction, spent about two and a half months working on the project. The interior has now been significantly renovated, with the tin ceilings restored, walls painted and the floors redone. With Scott’s work nearly completed, Bridges will soon be bringing in more product and fixtures for displaying her wares.

 “We’re excited about the new phase of the business,” Bridges shared. She added that the new location will enable the store to stand by itself and branch out as needed without being compared to Knock on Wood, the business that formerly occupied the Baring space. “At least here we can start from scratch as our own.”

The store will encompass two of the three storefronts in the building when it opens, although, according to Scott and Bridges, Chambers is planning on having the third space restored to usable condition at some point. Without a kitchen located on-site, Bridges will not be able to continue with her popular bakery offerings when she opens, though she hopes that it may be a possibility in the future – provided a kitchen is added. Fans of the establishment’s famous fudge will need to stay tuned for confirmation on when, where and if it will be available in the future.


Bridges anticipates that Waterfront Boutique will be opening its doors at 421 Main Street in Calais by mid-September.