Local Videographer Elevates Washington County to New Heights

The 2015 International Homecoming Festival parade, as seen by Dan Daley’s drone. (Facebook photo)

By Lura Jackson


One of the best developments to emerge from the digital age has been the capacity for the “average” citizen to chronicle their area in video or photographic form. Dan Daley of Calais has taken his fondness for the hobby to the next level by capturing videos from both land and air and sharing them online. The response from both the local community and well beyond  has been phenomenal, with Daley’s YouTube videos garnering nearly 1.25 million views and clips being featured in media around the world.

Born and raised in Maine, Daley traces his interest in videography back to his father. “As a kid, I remember that he’d bought a Super 8 camera and the related equipment. He’d make some home movies and send the film away to get developed.” While those early videos were mainly of the Daley children running around, he recalls it was enjoyable seeing themselves in that format. “In the ‘70s, that was a big deal long before VHS was an option.” As Daley grew up, he got behind the camera himself, making 5-minute silent films as a teenager.

“Then the digital age came along, and I’ve been utilizing YouTube since 2006,” Daley said.

Daley maintains two channels on YouTube, one of which primarily features videos from the area – including one from this year’s International Homecoming Festival parade – and another that relates to technical tricks, PC repair and editing mastery. Both channels exude Daley’s personality, with the videos offered containing a fair share of amusement, relaxation and respect.

One of Daley’s favorite subjects is Maine itself. “I’m a fan of Maine and especially our little piece of Down East,” Daley said. “It offers some wonderful sites to see. I love promoting the idea of what I call ‘being a tourist in your own hometown.’” Daley and his wife travel around the state on daylong adventures, meeting real-life characters and appreciating everything they encounter to the greatest extent they can manage.

Originally, Daley began making the films as a hobby, but as he continued, he began to see he was doing something more. “For the longest time, I didn’t realize I was capturing local history, characters and community. Without realizing it, I found myself filming bits of local history being made, such as filming the crew installing the Nexus Sculpture or using my drone to fly down Main Street before the Dollar Store was there.”

Over time, Daley’s available tools have steadily grown. He now captures footage with DJI’s Phantom 3 Pro [a drone], Canon 80D, iPhone 7 plus, GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition, Flip Ultra HD cameras, iPOD Touch 5th Generation and more.

Daley’s footage is so unique and attractive that it has been featured in various forms and outlets. Among the many media outlets that have used his clips are the History Channel, the Weather Channel, WABI-5, WLBZ-2 and the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail.

Local businesses and organizations have benefitted from Daley’s expertise on many occasions, including Mingo’s Evergreen Products, Crumbs Café & Bake Shoppe, Jo’s Pizza, Calais Regional Hospital and EMEC.


The master list of Daley’s videos can be viewed at www.youtube.com/user/Hawk1964/videos, which is his primary video channel. His secondary, technical-based channel can be found at www.youtube.com/user/pcfunfactory. If you appreciate Daley’s videos or his work in promoting the area, subscribe to either or both of his channels.