3 Nations Anthology Reading at the Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre, St. Andrews, NB

Town News

On Saturday, September 8, 3–5 p.m. (Atlantic Time), Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre in St. Andrews, NB will hold a reading of the 2018 Maine Literary Award winning 3 Nations Anthology: Native, Canadian & New England Writers edited by Valerie Lawson from Resolute Bear Press. 

3 Nations Anthology: Native, Canadian & New England Writers focuses on the northeast United States and Atlantic Canada, where people share borders, blood, and heritage. The land is disputed in places, in others the US and Canada share responsibility, and Tribal Lands reside as sovereign nations within their borders. The poems, essays, and short stories in this anthology explore the things that divide, the bridges between, and the intense love of this rugged region the people hold in common.

Authors of 3 Nations Anthology range from those for whom this book will be their first publication to a Pulitzer Prize nominee. Readers at Sunbury Shores include Leonore Hildebrandt, Lee Sharkey, Karin Spitfire, Sarah Murphy, Valerie Lawson, Bruce Pratt, and Jeri Theriault.


The reading will be held at Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre, 139 Water Street, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick E5B 1A7. For questions about the reading, please contact info@sunburyshores.org. More information about the 3 Nations Anthology, Resolute Bear Press, and readings and events can be found at www.resolutebearpress.com or contact Valerie Lawson, valerie.lawson@maine.edu or 207-454-8026.