PES Wins Kindness Challenge

One of the activities Princeton Elementary School did as part of the Middle Kindness Challenge was establish the Kindness Readers. Here the Kindness Readers from the upper grades read to the third grade class. After the Kindness Readers read to their class they help the kids talk about what happened in the book and then do an activity.

By Kaileigh Deacon


In the news lately there is a lot of talk about bullying in schools and what happens to the students who are victims of bullying. There is an initiative called the Middle School Kindness Challenge that is encouraging schools to become kind schools and promoting a change in attitudes and behaviors in schools. 

As a National program, the Middle School Kindness Challenge brings schools from across the country together to share how they are promoting kindness in their school. Princeton Elementary School’s Middle School students participated in the program last year finding ways to promote kindness at their school. 

Upper-grade teacher Kaylee Disher helped to spearhead the Kindness Challenge at PES. The kids at Princeton Elementary School took the kindness challenge starting four kindness rituals last year. The first thing they started by creating a morning pledge that the entire school recites after the morning Pledge of Allegiance. “Princeton Bombers! Let’s be KIND! Help spread kindness worldwide!”

They also started the Kindness Readers, where the upper-grade kids go to the lower-grade kids and read to them books about kindness. In order to find books about kindness, Miss Disher created a Donors Choose page to build their kindness library. Princeton now has a Kindness Library. 

They also have created a kindness chain where students can write down the kind things that students do for each other. They are hung them in the lobby so other students can see the kind acts they are being done for each other.  They also wanted to create a way for students to share the unkind things that are happening, so there is a box of paper with unkind things written on them. Some time this fall the students will have a bonfire to burn all the unkind things so they can start over fresh. 


Late this summer the staff at Princeton Elementary School found out that their school was selected as one of the top twelve schools in the nation for the kindness challenge. They will receive a $1,000 Donors Choose gift card and will be in competition for the grand prize of $5,000. If you want to see more about what the Princeton kids did you can visit the website you can visit .