Former Smoke Shop Operator Arrested For Trafficking

Seen here at an April 26 meeting in Machias, Kristian Crowley was arrested by the Maine State Police on Tuesday, Sept. 11 for trafficking scheduled drugs. (Photo by Sarah Craighead Dedmon)

Kristian Crowley of Jonesport and Machias is currently held on $25,000 bail in the Washington County Jail in Machias. 

State Police arrested Crowley on Tuesday, Sept. 11 and charged him with unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs. Trafficking is a felony.

Crowley formerly operated the Downeast Smoke & Vape shop on Main Street in Machias, taking over it after its owner, Robert Boggia, was arrested on Feb. 16. Boggia is still being held at the Washington County Jail on 12 charges including gross sexual assault and illegal possession of a firearm.

Crowley stepped into the public eye in Machias during a series of public talks on marijuana regulation. On the evening of April 4 the town of Machias hosted a community-wide discussion attended by more than 120 people. The same afternoon Crowley released an online statement saying he was closing the shop, which had become the focal point of community unease around retail marijuana in part due to lengthy operating hours, loitering outside the shop, and the three-day police manhunt resulting in the arrest of Boggia. 

The next morning Crowley removed his closure statement from social media and reopened the shop. Kimberly Grier of Machias was charged with breaking the window of the smoke shop on April 5. Last week the state dropped felony charges against Grier, and Grier pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and agreed to pay restitution to the building’s owner.


A court date for Crowley has not yet been scheduled.