Meet the New Pastor at St. Croix Valley Assembly of God

Pastor Chuck Green welcomes all who are inclined to share in worship at the St. Croix Valley Assembly of God. (Photo by Lura Jackson)

By Lura Jackson


About a year ago, the St. Croix Valley Assembly of God was considering closing its doors as a result of the pending departure of Pastor Nathaniel Moore. Just a short time prior, however, Chuck Green and his wife, Linda, had moved to the area – providing the church with a highly experienced pastor that has since encouraged it to thrive.

Chuck and Linda moved to Washington County from the Bronx in New York, where they were doing outreach work for the past year. They were both looking for new positions – Linda in school administration and Chuck as a minister – and both were called with offers on the same day. In Linda’s case, it was to become Principal of Perry Elementary School, a position that she was immediately offered during her interview. She accepted, and the couple relocated last fall.

When former Pastor Nathaniel announced he would be leaving, Chuck stepped in and said he would be willing to lead the church – something that his life of ministry had him well-prepared.

Both Chuck and Linda grew up in households devoted to the Assembly of God, with both of their fathers being pastors. “I cut my teeth on the back of pews,” Chuck said. “We were in church at least three times a week.” As he grew up, he experienced youthful rebellion. “I didn’t want anything to do with it when I became a teenager,” he chuckled. “It was after coming back from the military – I was in the Air Force during Vietnam – that I began to think more seriously about life. God began to deal with me, and that’s when my transformation took place.”

Chuck attended Southeastern University in Florida to obtain his initial credentials for Bible study and teaching, later moving on to Liberty University to complete his Master of Divinity degree. He continues to take graduate classes for a Master of Theology degree in anticipation of beginning his doctorate at some point in the future.

Throughout his ministry service, Pastor Chuck has been with the Assembly of God. The Assembly of God gained its ground in 1914 following a worldwide revival. “We believe that the ministry – the Holy Spirit – is ongoing and present,” he explained. “It’s not something that was just for the first church in the book of Acts. That makes us different than a lot of Evangelicals.”

The Assembly of God, which is now the largest Pentecostal group in the world, observes two rights: Baptism in water and Communion. “But, the emphasis strongly is upon God’s word,” Pastor Chuck said. “Preaching, teaching. Not so much the Eucharist like it is in some churches.”

The Assembly of God also differs in its structure, Pastor Chuck explained. He describes it as not being a denomination but rather a fellowship, since each church is independently governed with its own elected boards. “We maintain fellowship with the other Assemblies of God and the home office,” he said.

The version of the Bible that is used during service varies depending on the message Pastor Chuck is aiming to convey. He prefers the King James Version on occasion for its poetic rendering, but refers to the NIV and the New American Standard for their more accurate interpretations of the original Hebrew and Greek texts. “We do a little bit of old, and a little bit of new,” he summarized.

Since moving to the area, Pastor Chuck and Linda have felt very welcomed by the community. “The people are, for the most part, friendly and open,” he said. That experience has carried over into the Assembly of God itself, which is steadily gaining members. “We’re growing. People are excited. It’s a really good, friendly atmosphere. I’ve had experiences in churches where I was the pastor and dreaded going to church because the people were so contentious and not in unity at all. But not here. Just the opposite is true here.”


The St. Croix Valley Assembly of God, located at 322 North Street in Calais, meets twice a week, once on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and then on Wednesdays for an informal discussion at 6:23 p.m. Pastor Chuck is continuing the Overcomers group for those wishing to meet and discuss addiction in a supportive environment. It is open to both those struggling with addiction themselves as well as family members. The Overcomers group meets every Thursday at 7 p.m.