Golden Declared Winner Following RCV Tabulation

Jared Golden has been named the winner of Maine's U.S. House of Representatives CD2, defeating incumbent Bruce Poliquin following the tabulation of Ranked Choice votes. 

U.S. District Court Judge Lance Walker blocked Poliquin's request to stop the final tabulation process approximately an hour and a half before the results were announced. “As it stands, the citizens of Maine have rejected the policy arguments plaintiffs advance against RCV. Maine voters cast their ballots in reliance on the RCV system,” Judge Walker wrote of his decision. “... I am not persuaded that the United States Constitution compels the Court to interfere with this most sacred expression of democratic will by enjoining the ballot-counting process and declaring Representative Poliquin the victor.”

Walker allowed a separate lawsuit filled by Poliquin and three supporters that will challenge the Ranked Choice Voting system. “In denying plaintiffs’ motion for temporary restraining order, I do not discount the sincerity of their complaints regarding the RCV system,” Walker wrote. “The remedy in a democracy, when no constitutional infirmity appears likely, is to exercise the protected rights of speech and association granted by the First Amendment to persuade one’s fellow citizens of the correctness of one’s position and to petition the political branch to change the law.”

We will have more on the story as it develops.