PES Gets Creative

Aubrey Beers-Demolet of grade 2 works hard to create her illustration at Wednesday’s Island Readers and Writers visit at Princeton Elementary School. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon

On Wednesday, November 14, Princeton Elementary School partnered with Island Readers and Writers to bring author and illustrator Rebekah Raye to work with the students. This has become an annual event for the school with different authors and illustrators coming during the year. 

Island Readers and Writers is an organization that works to bring the joys and benefits of reading to schools all over Washington County and coastal islands. The program goes to schools and provides grade-based appropriate workshops for students to show them the different processes involved in books, from writing to illustrating. 

This year’s guest, Rebekah Raye, is author and illustrator of “The Very Best Bed.” She led the students of Princeton Elementary School in art workshops that encouraged the students to draw whatever creatures they knew and to not be afraid to draw. “If you can write your name you can draw. Don’t be afraid to make those marks,” Raye encouraged the students. While some students were worried about how their drawings looked, Raye reminded them that everyone has their own style. 

Students were able to use charcoal pencils and color sticks and got the chance to show their artwork to Raye. The Island Readers and Writer’s Program gives students experiences with art forms above and beyond what they might get in school. 


“She’s not a miracle worker, she’s awesome,” one student said about Raye.