CHS Holds Annual Rock-a-thon

The Student Council and National Honor Society students at Calais High School held their annual Rock-a-thon on Wednesday. The event has students raise money to help purchase Christmas presents for the kids that remain at AMHC over the holidays. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon

On the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving vacation, students of the Calais High School Student Council and National Honor Society rocked their way through the evening. The Annual Rock-a-Thon is a big fundraiser for the group; it is also one of the most enjoyable events they do. 

For over a decade students at Calais High School have been raising money to purchase Christmas presents for students at AMHC who are at the facility over the holidays. Each year members of the student council and National Honor Society go out into the community and raise money as pledges for hours of rocking in rocking chairs. 

For the students at Calais High School, there is more than just raising money involved. It is also a learning experience. The money they raise is the only money they can use to purchase gifts, so they learn how to purchase gifts that have to be divided among numerous kids. Students also get the opportunity to see how giving gifts can be much more rewarding than getting them. 

This year so far they have raised over $1,700 in donations to their Rock-a-Thon. 

The students will take the money they raise, and during the second week in December they will go to local businesses and purchase gifts from the lists they are given by the kids who will remain at AMHC over the Christmas holiday.

Student Council members, National Honor Society and JMG students will also be partnering with Mingo’s Evergreen selling Wreaths for Hope. The program raises money for the Maine Cancer Foundation for research and patient programs. They will be taking orders right through December 7 at the Lioness Christmas parade.


For anyone wanting to make a donation for the purchase of Christmas presents or wanting to purchase a Wreath for Hope, they can contact any member of the Calais High School Student Council or contact Lori Ellis at the school.