PES Awards Above and Beyond

Teacher Donna Netzer presented Debbie Wright with the Above and Beyond Award on Wednesday. The award was in recognition of everything Wright does above and beyond at the school. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon

There are awards for teachers who excel at their work and students who do great things but is there an award for the others who do so much for their school and community? Princeton Elementary School had someone they wanted to recognize but there was no award that met the needs they have so they created their own, the Above and Beyond Award. 

For the first time ever they awarded the Above and Beyond award to Debbie Wright. Wright has been working at Princeton Elementary School for over a decade. In that time she has been dedicated to the students she serves far beyond their meals every day. 

Wright takes the time to learn about each student she meets, not just their names but what they like and don’t like. If there is some food a student doesn’t really like or can’t have, a little more of something they can will show up on their tray. 

She also rewards students for making healthy options and encourages them to make smarter food choices. 

But there is so much more than making sure each student gets meals they can enjoy Wright also makes sure that students have what they need. If a student needs something such as shoes, clothes, mittens, and for one reason or another they aren’t able to get these items from home, Wright makes sure that those needs are met. 

It’s rare to find someone that goes above and beyond what they are expected to do not just in work but in life. Wright is truly an exception to the rule and is very deserving of the first Above and Beyond award. 


The whole school gathered in the cafeteria just before lunch was scheduled to start to present Wright with her award. Mrs. Netzer presented the award and the cafeteria erupted into thunderous applause that carried through the whole school.