Baileyville Police Report

The report on the activities of the Baileyville Police Department covers the period from December 15, 2013 through January 5, 2014. Through that time, the department worked on well-being checks, motor vehicle accidents, fire, probation violations, harassment, criminal trespass, domestic disturbances, traffic violating, disorderly conduct and agency assists.

On December 15 on-duty officer conducted a well-being check on Washington Street. Subject was transported to the hospital.

On December 15,  police responded to a motor vehicle crash on Houlton Road. The vehicle sustained no damage and was towed back on the road.

On December 16, on-duty officer assisted a chimney fire on Berry Lane.

On December 17, Stephen Perkins, 23, of Alexander was arrested for a probation violation on Houlton Road.

On December 18, 2 subjects were warned for disorderly conduct on the South Princeton 


On December 21, on-duty officer responded to South Princeton Road on a civil issue and took possession of a firearm for safety reasons.

On December 21, on-duty officer served a harassment warning on Houlton Road.

On December 22, on-duty officer reported downed power line on Broadway.

On December 24, on-duty officer answered a call of residents without electricity and heat on Foley Road. Officer assisted with kerosene heater.

On December 26, officer was called to a motor vehicle crash on the Houlton Road. Accident involved minor property damages with no personal injuries.

On December 26, a utility pole was broken on Summit Street. Officer assisted with traffic rerouting until EMMC arrived to repair wires.

On December 27, a criminal trespass warning was issued for Houlton Road.

On December 31, officer responded to a motor vehicle crash on Washington Street. This was a two-car crash with no reported injuries.

On December 31, on-duty officer responded to a domestic disturbance on First Avenue. Disturbance was verbal in nature and no charges were issued.

On January 3, 2014, officer responded to a motor vehicle crash on Main Street where an 18 wheeler trailer separated from the cab. No injuries resulted.

On January 3, 2014, officer warned subject for plowing snow on a street and on neighbor’s property.

On January 4, officer responded to Big Stop and warned a subject for disorderly conduct.

On January 5, on-duty officer assisted Calais Police Department with a suicidal subject.

Through this period, the Baileyville Police Department received seventy-five calls for  service, five traffic stops and issued five warnings.