Town News

Dorothy Johnson

The weather has contained a little bit of everything except warmth this past week.  Another storm is predicted for Wednesday and then maybe we will have some warmer weather. Last week I was discouraged by the cold; this week I am planning to stop complaining and enjoy whatever comes.

Congratulations to former Dragon Airman First Class Jason Seavey. On the 20th of March he received a United States Air Force Achievement Medal from his commander Lt. Col. Johnson.  Jason is stationed in Germany where he is a firefighter in his squadron.  He went in the Air Force after he graduated from Woodland High School in 2012.

Congratulations to present Dragons Willow Cobb, Devonte Stephens and Daynah Brown who competed in Skills USA and won medals. Willow won a silver and Devonte won a bronze, both in carpentry knowledge while Daynah won a bronze in employment application.  Good job.

The JMG group competed in Portland with other JMG programs in the category of life smarts.  The Dragons lost by one point in overtime.  Good job.

Girl Scout Troop 1391 from Baileyville will be holding a cookie booth from 3 to 5 pm at the Woodland Food Mart on Friday, March 28th.  They will be giving shoppers a chance to pick up some of those delicious Girl Scout Cookies.

I received a call from Harriet Martell in Texas last night. On Saturday she was wearing a heart monitor and it sent a message to the technicians that her heart had stopped beating.  They called her and told her to get to the hospital where the surgeons put in a pace maker on Sunday morning. She was feeling better late Sunday evening, but she was still a it groggy from the procedure.

 Jane McAllister and Polly Burlock have been on a road trip to Florida.  They had a chance to drive to Ft. Meyers to check out the Red Sox facilities for spring training.  Polly told me how green the grass was and how the flowers are all blooming and people do not have to wear boots, ice grippers and heavy jackets to go outside.  The ladies had a wonderful time.

Carleton and Iris Brown have returned to town after spending a lovely vacation with their family members in Arizona. They enjoy the weather in the West in March and love having time with their grandchildren.

The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs are getting ready for another beano afternoon for Sunday, April 6th.  The lunches will begin at 11 am with hot dishes, soups, sandwiches and desserts. The beano games begin at 1 pm.  The groups next breakfast will be Sunday, April 20th.

The People’s United Methodist Church members are planning their April supper for Thursday, April 3rd .  The menu for this month will be Italian dishes.

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week (March 28th through April 3rd) to the following: Sandra Reyes, Nick Brown, Gary Townsend, Cheyenne Ruane, Chelsey McGovern, Kyle Bailey, Sabastian Sanford, Stacey Sprague, Duane Burke, Dylan Harris, Caredwyn Foley, Nibby Sabattus, Martha Cox, Mary Crossman, Gracie Shirley, Maddison Coleman, Andy Brown, Andrew James, Rodney Leighton and Chris Everett. Have a great day.

Happy anniversary wishes to Patsy and Earl Hill and Kathy and David Irving.  Those cakes must be getting a bit stale after all these years.  Have great celebrations for your special anniversaries.

Sunny hellos and warm thoughts are going out to anyone who needs a lift this week.  Special hellos are being sent to Freddie Wallace, Alice Jean Robinson, Melissa Corbett, Jeannie Shirley and Vivian Scott.