Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) is holding a public hearing about rebuilding the Denny’s River bridge on 191 in Meddybemps on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center. According to Pete Trouant, “The first hearing was held last year and was excellent and informative with MDOT representatives taking thoughts and ideas from the public, too. There is a large map/photo of the project in the Community Center on the wall by the Post Office boxes.”

Happy Birthday wishes to Carl Gordon - July 17, Pam Ramsdell and Bill Reynolds - July 19, and Janet Ketchen on the 20th. Warren Leary was surprised with a surprise 60th birthday party planned by his wife, Lori, at their farm in Maryland.  I recognized some local and seasonal residents’ faces by the pool during the party, posted on Facebook. Arnold Corning, the Carl Gordon’s, Terry and Lisa Lord, and Harold Hansen appeared to be having a great time along with Warren.

I enjoyed talking with Sally Ketchen on the phone this morning. She said of Bill Reynolds’ birthday, “Bill is 92 this year. I think he is now the oldest man in Meddybemps.  He was in the hospital for awhile, but is back home now. Ike and Dawn Winchester help him with his pills and look after him.”  That’s our town. A lot of people helping each other out.

Terry Reynolds’ lakeside property has been ringing with the sounds of childrens’ laughter.  Patty and Dana Reynolds’ daughters -- Jill Osmond and Julie Swindler -- vacationed here with their families last week.  They enjoyed boating with uncle Terry Reynolds, swimming, playing badminton, time at the rim and great fun together.  Patty prepared a lobster feast for everyone and the next day they enjoyed lobster rolls.  There is an adorable photo on Facebook of Patty and Dana’s granddaughter, Daisy Swindler, sitting in the back of Patty’s nifty red convertible during her visit.

Ed and Kathy Bells’ Meddybemps home was filled with family members in town for the holiday weekend, and a bridal shower for Sara Bell hosted by Julie MacMannus at her Calais home.  Holly Bell Ingraham was home with, son, Aiden Ingraham, for a few weeks.  Mike Johnson’s daughter, Mandy stayed at the Meddybemps property while she was in town for Sara’s shower. Sara’s wedding is August 16 in Sugarloaf, Maine.  Also at Mike Johnson’s was his brother who came to visit on his motorcycle from Fredrickton, NB.

Debbie Dow, our postmistress, just told me that Skip Carter lost his boat and dock during Hurricane Arthur.  Janet Wooding shared, “The storm was a little scary at times, I just asked God to keep me company and help me to cope with whatever came.  I had two trees down – not big ones – across the driveway.  I didn’t know about them until my neighbor Jim Reed called to tell me he had cleared them out of my driveway so that I could get out. I was so touched.  There was lots of debris but otherwise everything was fine.  Somebody’s boat came up against our shore during the storm, but it was rescued yesterday afternoon.”

Before the storm, Janet Wooding enjoyed family visitors.  She said, “I had a wonderful week’s visit with my daughter Anne and some of her family from Britain, including my granddaughter and little Ava, my great granddaughter.  We visited Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews and Quoddy Head State Park among other places.”  I don’t know anyone here who doesn’t treasure the times when family and friends come to visit.

Other visitors to Meddybemps over the past week included Patti Lentz’s daughter’s family  and a friend -- Kris, Rod and Max Shyda and Max’s friend, Alex, from near Wernersville, Pennsylvania. Mutual friends Doug and Joan Fenwick from Richland, Pennsylvania stayed with us for four days.  The Shyda’s and Alex flew into Bangor the previous Wednesday and went home this Monday.  We think their visits were not nearly long enough. The Fenwicks were off in their motorhome on Monday destined for Prince Edward Island.  Rich Lentz, Rod, Max, Alex and Doug Fenwick enjoyed fishing early each morning and had some nice catches, which they released.  Kris, Max and Alex had great fun tubing and water skiing.   The Fenwicks  traveled to Meddybemps by way of Bethel, Maine, to visit Joan’s cousin on the way.  Joan is a Maine native, who moved to Massachusetts as a young girl.  

Jeff Brown stopped by last Monday with his 10 year old nephew, Evan, who lives in Nova Scotia.  They stopped by on their way to Bangor and Six Flags in Massachusetts, and returned here last weekend with Jeff’s lady Jessica and her dog “Vinnie.”  We had a lobster feast last Saturday with most of the aforementioned visitors out on our lawn along the lake, followed by a long boat ride.  On Sunday, the Lentzs hosted a picnic and grilled the most wonderful Filet Mignon steaks for everyone.  Rich’s brother, Tim, from Greenbush, Maine, was the grill chef.  Both meals ended with ice cream and the luscious blueberry and rhubarb pies that the Fenwicks brought along from Dysart’s.

Jeff Brown showed us digital photos of two deer swimming along the ferry, between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Later when he and Evan took a walk, he got a photo of another deer on Hayward Road.  Other wildlife continues to be out and about.  We witnessed a nasty fight between a loon and mother duck out in the water in front of our home.  The loon won!  Going to Calais Sunday morning, we saw a huge snapping turtle in the middle of 191. The hummingbirds have finally returned to our home.  Probably because we were late in putting out our deck planters this year.  The ‘hummies’ especially love the brilliantly colored impatiens and geraniums.

Our run of beautiful summer weather continues.  Over the past week, the days have been warm, sunny and beautiful with cool nights for good sleeping.  Even more perfect was that it rained overnight last Sunday, and then we awoke to breaking clouds and more sun for the rest of the day. We hope it is so for our next batch of guests -- my cousin and her family from Reading, Pennsylvania this week; followed by my sister, Michele also from Pennsylvania; and her daughter Andrea from Virginia who will be with us all next week.

Please send your news to or phone 454-3719.  Let’s enjoy each day, we will never have it again!