Town News

Dorothy Johnson

We residents of the St. Croix Valley have been blessed with another great weekend.  The sun was warm with little humidity and everyone was out in boats, four-wheelers and motorcycles.  These great days remind us of why we live in Maine.

Susie and Rich Nutter and Rich’s sister Dorothea were in town visiting friends this past weekend.  Among others they had a great visit with Ruth Foss and their friends from their church.  Rich and Susie came from Bangor while Dorothea is visiting from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Congratulations are going out to former Dragons for making the Dean’s List at their chosen colleges: Kelli Bailey at New England School of Communications and John Knowles, Molly White and Chad James at the University of Maine.  Once again the graduates of one of the Governor’s F-rated high schools excel at post-secondary education.

Congratulations and welcome back to former Dragon Dr. Jody Hiland Schielke and welcome to Dr. Lorenz Schielke and sons as they move tot he area to work in the radiology department.

Linda Casey is visiting her mother Lois Stimson is town.  Lois has been feeling poorly for some time and is now preparing to have a knee replacement.  Linda is also visiting aunts, Charlene Perkins and Greta Leighton, and cousin, Connie in Woodland Junction.

Genny McKeil has arrived home from a vacation of visiting son Darin Pavone in Nashville.  While there she took in some shopping, some fine dining and a trip to the Florida Panhandle.  Genny finds this area really appealing and is considering spending time there during the winter months.

Sympathy is extended this week to the family and friends of Joe Driscoll.  Older residents may remember the horrible tragedy when the Driscoll kids died in a water-filled foundation on Hillside Street. Joe and his wife Jackie (Townsend) lived in Woodland at that time.  Later Joe was for many years the music teacher in Calais and he and Paul Phelan were the best of friends. Most recently Joe has lived in Biddeford. In my days as a Blue Devil, Driscoll was a well-known name in music circles in the St. Croix Valley.

Pastor Randy and Carolyn Chretien are back in town after taking a well-deserved vacation.  They visited relatives while away.

Ann Wheelock is home from Florida visiting daughter Susan and son Scott and her many friends in town.

The word on the street is that, in spite of the good economic news from the mill, young couples are still leaving the area for “greener pastures.” The latest names added to the list are Fabio and Nicky Napoleoni and family, Ben and Monica Leighton and family and Tammy and Rick Seeley.  Young couples like this are great additions to our community and we hate seeing them leave.

The Riverside Rebekahs will be having a bottle drive as a fund raiser for their many charitable projects on Monday, August 4th from 5 pm until the town has been covered.  At the last bottle drive, bottles left at the lodge on Hillside Street were stolen so the Rebekahs are planning on pick-ups for people who will not be around on the 4th.  Please call 796-2230 if you have bottles to be picked up on a day other than August 4th. Their next breakfast will be August 10th.

Former Dragon Jody (Riddell) Deacon visited the Woodland Public Library and made a list of Maine books and Maine authors that might be added to the children’s shelves through the Stephen King Grant. Jody teaches grade one at Princeton Elementary School.

Librarians Becky Varnum and Sylvia Brown are planning a book sale at the library on Friday, July 25 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. These are extra books they would like to move to interested readers.

Once again my computer is on vacation so my birthday list may be a bit mixed up.  Happy Birthday wishes this week (July 25th through July 31st) are going out to the following: Anne Riddell, Penny Cross, Paul Wormell,  Brodie Tozier, Tom Tozier, Drew Hanson, Taylor Storey, Ben Maloney, Brad Potter, Sara Boies, Randy Metcalf, Tyler Morrison, Keith Curtis, Mike Grimanis and Christine Dickey.  Happy days are wished for you all.

Sharing wedding anniversaries this week are the following: Rick and Patti Sears, Steve and Sandra Toner, Greg and Jillian Brace, Marc and Traci O’Neill, Russell and Noelle Carle, Gena and Ben Maloney, Jeannie and Bill Graceffa, Chuck and Joy Noyes and David and Liz McVicar. May you all enjoy wonderful celebrations.

Special hellos are going out this week to Bud Kneeland, Jane Sprague, Lynn and George Hill, Kathleen Sadler, Leo and Madeline Perkins and anyone else needing a lift.

Stay Safe and have a good week.