Alexander/Crawford History

Town News

By John Dudley & Cassie Oakes

Here is another great history blurb from John Dudley.  Read it carefully, because the British did come!

Did you know that THE BRITISH ARE COMING?  This was headlined in The Calais Advertiser of July 3, 2014.    There was great concern in Eastport that the British would attack their village on Moose Island.  Fort Sullivan in Eastport was built in 1808 for their defense.  The War of 1812 commenced in that year, but did not get to eastern Maine until 1814.  That is when the British did come and captured or controlled Moose Island and the entire coast west to the Penobscot River.

An order was issued on July 15, 1812 for the third regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Shead and a company of artillery to ‘repel any invasion of the enemy’  Shead’s regiment consisted of seven companies.  The Militia was posted at the barracks off and on for the next two years.  These poorly trained and equipped men would have been no match against the British.

Alexander probably sent no men to Eastport; the nearest Militia Company was then in Calais.  However a few militia men at Eastport eventually settled in Alexander.  They were Annaniah Bohannon, William D. Crockett, Joseph Davis, Warren Gilman, James Perkins, John Miner Sprague and Jesse Stephenson.  Look carefully at yourself and your neighbors.  Do you recognize any of those names?  Two hundred years later descendants of these early ‘defenders of our liberty’ are all around us.