The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard 


This was an exciting week at Woodland Junior Senior High School. The long awaited Winter Carnival took place. I suppose this could be considered a “Special Edition” of the Dragon’s Den. So get into gear, we’re going to turn back the clock and discover this week’s news!

Winter Carnival is a special week and has been going on at Woodland Jr. Sr. for 33 years now. This is a week of dressing up, class pride, and entertaining games! Classes earn points by dressing up according to the theme days and winning games and activities. Every year a different theme is chosen for the week of fun, and this year, it was something that everyone knows well: Disney movies! Also, each year a charity is chosen to donate the raised money to, and this year we chose a cause that is close to the hearts of the entire school community; helping study hall monitor Patsy Hanson to pay for her cancer treatment and transportation. 

Every day of the week has a different opportunity to dress up. Monday is always Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, and Crazy Make-Up Day. We like to ease into our week. But Tuesday is serious business. A student favorite, Tuesday was Redneck-Formal Day, as well as Character Day, where you dress up like a Disney character! Wednesday was Athlete Day, Superhero Day, and Nerd Day. Thursday was Group Day, where students dress in group costumes with their friends and classmates, and Opposite Day, another student favorite. The last day of the extravaganza, Friday was Decade Day, Class Color day, and Hat Day. 

At the end of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we save 20 minutes for games. At the end of Thursday and Friday, an hour is spent playing games! Some of the games that students participated in were: The Rolly-Chair Race, a Texting Competition, a 3-on-3 Tournament, Spontaneous Elimination, an Ice-Cream Eating Contest, Crab Soccer, a 3-Legged-Race, Arm Wrestling, the Car Crunch, Tug of War, Ultimate RPS (Rock Paper Scissors), Dodge-ball, and the Class Talent Competition!

Some highlights from these games include: The mishap during the first round of Fear Factor, where students had to find a green gummy worm in a tub of chocolate pudding. How were the runners of the game to know that the chocolate pudding would stain all the gummy worms so they were the same color!? Needless to say, no one was eliminated during that round of Fear Factor. Another exciting moment was when the championship round of Dodge-Ball, where the freshmen came out of nowhere at the end of the week to earn themselves 500 points! No student will ever forget when the Mechanical Bull visited the school on Thursday, or how impressive Mr. Callioras was when made to ride it! And I’m sure everyone will remember how many boys were dressed in their mother’s clothes on Opposite Day!

New to the WHS Winter Carnival is hallway decorating! This used to be a staple of the school’s activities, but went away for a few years. It made a welcome comeback last year, and this year, students devoted even more time and energy to their hallways! Being a sophomore myself, I will never forget the pride I felt when looking at my class’s Finding Nemo themed hallway! The junior high school’s theme was 101 Dalmatians, freshman’s theme was Toy Story, sophomore’s were, as said earlier, Finding Nemo, junior’s were Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the senior’s theme was Pirates of the Caribbean. A panel of teachers serves as judges to chose who has the best hallway decorations, and the winners get points towards their class’s total. The winners of the hallway decorating were: third place, the junior high, second place, the sophomores, and first place, the senior class. Good work, students, with all the hallways. They all looked fantastic!

The final exciting moment of the Winter Carnival was the Class Talent competition. Each class comes up with a talent routine to perform in front of the whole school. The Seniors performed “The Evolution of Dance”. The Juniors performed a really cool dance routine with glow sticks on their arms. The Sophomores danced to the song “Thrift Shop.” Freshmen danced to the Cotton Eyed Joe, and more students from the school joined in with the popular dance. And The Junior High performed an intense dance routine to a mix of songs like “Gangnam Style”, “Call Me Maybe”,  “The Time of My Life”, and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” The winners of the talent portion were: Third place, the Seniors, Second place, the Junior High, and First Place, the Freshmen. 

The results of the entire Winter Carnival were as follows: Fifth place, the freshmen. fourth place, the junior High. third place, the sophomores. Second place, the juniors. And in first place, no shocker, was the senior class. It was a fun week for all students, thanks to all who participated and took pictures! It was a great time in the Wonderful World of Disney!

In other news, the Wrestling state meet happened this Saturday, and representing Woodland High School was JJ Ruane. JJ didn’t make it that far in the tournaments, but he gave it his all, and we’re still proud of him for his dedication to the wrestling program at WHS for his entire high-school career. Also in sports news, the boys’ basketball team lost their game against Deer Isle-Stonington on Wednesday. This means that they aren’t able to go to the tournaments in Bangor. Despite this, the boys had a really good season, and we’re proud of them. 

Well, hope you enjoyed this close-up look into the WHS Winter Carnival. This week, students are off on vacation, so next week we may be dearth of news. But as soon as there’s something for you to know, we’ll tell it to you. From all of us at WHS, thanks for checking in!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ~Dr. Seuss