Town News

Sharon Frost


The job in hand in a few days is May Baskets, for it was the custom of children to hang them on the doors of their friends the night before May Day.  May Day is held Friday, the first , and the Full Flower Moon on the 3rd.

May 1st is also Law Day, a special day set aside to study the laws that govern our country.  Laws are important because they are the rules that we live by.

Lisa Fox has been enjoying her cousin Sabine Gorsememm and husband Kirstian Kaiser from Breman, German who have been visiting.

The McGeachey clan arrived home to Oak Haven, St. Stephen on Saturday to help parents Flo and Duncan get ready for the sale of their home.

Wayne Trafton is home recuperating from knee surgery.

The Methodist Church turkey supper (Baileyville) will be held on May 7th at 4:30pm.

Fred and Debbie Sprague and Myrna have arrived home from the sunny south.  They had a wonderful time and going back next year if all goes well.  Welcome back. Now it’s back to work, Fred.

Yoga is scheduled for Monday mornings at St. Anne’s Parish Hall, 10:00 am.  Just drop in.  Also, AA meetings are scheduled for Wednesdays at noon.

Birthday wishes go to Hope Howard, Flo McGeachey, Rick Sears, and my two granddaughters in New Hampshire, Kate (16) and Brenna (22).

The turkeys are on the move, ducks and ducklings, wild geese and hundreds of robins.  I haven’t heard any news on the newborn eagles. It may be too early.  

I heard the Community Thrift Store is opening this week on Main Street next to Crumbs.  Do not leave items outside.


Don’t forget Mt. View Chamber Singers at St. Anne’s on Friday, 7:00 pm.