Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

At the end of March, Free Tax Services are  offered at the Princeton Library for families with incomes $54,000 yearly or less.The service is BY APPOINTMENT, so call 796-5333 to check for availability of appointments.


The Princeton Baptist Church body welcomed its new Pastor, Jim Edgell, his wife Christy, and four of their five children. The oldest is attending college. Some folks helped them unload their belongings last Friday. Previous to that, the house was freshened up by some of the church women. Some of the men made sure the mechanical/electrical/plumbing was still in good working order and made comfortable quarters for two special pet goats. There are also dogs and cats who are getting used to their new surroundings. On Friday one dog took full advantage of its freedom in the fenced yard. The fence had been inspected by Mrs. Edgell to be sure it was secure. Not too long after it and another dog had been in the pen, the adventurous dog was seen running around the unfenced area around the house. It’s freedom was soon curtailed and the fence rechecked to find it’s route to freedom.  After being on the road and cooped up much of the time the better part of a week, I’m sure the whole family appreciated being able to walk/run around even as they unloaded boxes and belongings.