Alexander/Crawford History

Town News

By John Dudley & Cassie Oakes

Were you at the AES gym on March 24, 1991?  We had eight inches of snow that Sunday so some of you may have been shoveling.  But quite a few community members attended a Court of Honor where Danny Sullivan became an Eagle Scout.  The rank of Eagle is the highest rank in the Boy Scout hierarchy.  Several local men took part in the ceremony. They were Dave Cummings, George Grant, John Harvey, Chip Howell and Dave McVicar.

David and Jan came to Robbingston in 1972 from Fall River, Massachusetts.  Dave was a student at WCCC that year.  In 1973 they moved to Alexander with their daughter Hannah and rented from Bert Varnum.  On May 23, 1976 Danny was born.  Hannah and Danny both attended the consolidated school at Tyler Corner and after 1987, our new school on Lanes Hill.  Both were involved with School in the Woods and both went to high school in Calais.

The family became known locally in 1985 when they built a geodesic dome home at 1039 Airline Road.  This was the site of the new barn, built between 1889 and 1894 by Charles E. and Alice Brown.  Someone had burned down the barn and the Sullivan’s convinced Bert to sell them the lot for their home.

Most in Alexander know Dave and Jan because of their public service for the residents of our community.  Jan has been on the school committee for years and has served as our Health Officer.  Dave has been active in the Alexander Volunteer Fire Department.  Both are EMTs for our local First Responder Unit.

After Danny finished high school and one year at WCCC, he went to Southern Maine Community College in South Portland for two years.  Today he is married and has a five year-old daughter.  They live in Bath and he is an HVAC technician for F.W. Webb.


What happened yesterday in history; as is the story told here that happened 25-years ago.  Next week we will explore something that happened 200 years ago.  Next week will also find John Dudley on the Tree Farm until next fall.  Sometime in the future all these essays will be on line at