Town News

Sharon Frost


April 5th ECW at St. Anne’s Parish Hall at 5:30 with a pot luck. The meeting will follow.

Sympathy to the Farrar family. The service was held on Thursday afternoon at the Calais cemetery. Family and friends gathered at the Methodist Church for a wonderful lunch.

What a gorgeous sunrise on Thursday morning around 6:15 am over the river with shades of red and yellow and fluffy clouds mixed in.

Lioness Charter night being held at the Motor Inn on Thursday, April 7th. All charter members are welcome to attend. Call Norma Van Devandar or Lorraine Mitchell by Thursday  if you plan to attend.

Here is a quick snack. Place a box of baked whole grain wheat crackers on un-greased cookie sheet. Put a small pat of butter on each. Sprinkle tops with lemon pepper. Cook under broiler for a minute, making sure they don’t burn. Remove, let cool and enjoy.

There are lots of robins around. I hear the singing of other species - blue jays and cardinals are slowly appearing. It gets you into the spring/summer mood.

Tip: Used coffee grounds make a great shower scrub on cellulite-prone areas.

A nice way to spend a couple of hours on Saturday, April 2nd is at The Changing Seasons at the St. Andrews Farmers Market. Hosted by The Algonquin Resort, inside the beautiful Van Horne Ballroom, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (US time). Fun for the whole family.

Birthday wishes: Cole Dean Matthews, grandson of Joan Perry celebrated his 6th birthday on March 25th. Turner Paul Redding grandson of Geri Reynolds celebrated his 6th birthday on March 16th, Arielle Hornbrook and Denny Lyon. I almost left out Wakey Wilkes on March 4th.

New To You sale at the Kirk McCall United Church, St. Stephen on Saturday, April 9th from 8 am to noon U.S.

There will be a card party 45s at the Anglican Church Hall, 30 Prince William St.  Prizes and lunch, 50/50 on Tuesday, April 5, 12, and 19th at 6 pm U.S.

A lovely Easter breakfast was served before the mornimg service at Baring Baptist. The children were all dressed in their fancy Easter outfits.

The VFW meeting is on April 7th at St. Anne’s Parish Hall.

Prayers for Dale Olsson, Kathy Noddin, and Evelyn Johnson.


Richard Ouletta of New York called to wish me a Happy Easter. Hoping to see us all back in Calais within the next 3 months. Richard has been having some serious health problems. We all will be glad to have him back in his home soon.