Baileyville School Board Sees Restructure

By Danielle Smith

The Town of Baileyville held its long anticipated school board election on Monday, March 29, 2016.  Votes were cast by 223 residents to fill four out of the five school board positions.

Crystal Monk, Becky Ramsdell and Sheridan Smith were the three candidates running for the two vacant one-year terms.   The clear victors were Sheridan Smith with 162 votes and Crystal Monk with 157 votes.  Becky Ramsdell received 69 votes.  There were ten “write-in” votes and 48 “blanks.”

Gwendolyn Clark and Scott Harriman were in the running for the sole two-year position on the board. Scott Harriman was the strong winner of this seat with 174 votes.   Clark was defeated, having only 48 votes.  Of the ballots, one was left blank for this position.

James Bohanon and Andrew Snowman vied for the sole three-year seat.  Bohanon successfully acquired the spot with 172 votes.  Snowman received 46.  There was one “write-in” and four “blank” votes cast for this seat.


Two three-year Town Council terms were also on the ballot.  Tim Call and Carl Ripley were the only candidates running for these positions.  Call received 171 votes, while Ripley received 182.  Seven “write-in” votes were cast and 86 were left “blank.”