Baileyville Town Council

By Danielle Smith

The Baileyville Town Council Meeting came to order at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, March 28th, 2016.

Councilor Richard Gayton motioned to accept Payroll Warrant #70 in the amount of $15,860.11, Accounts Payable Warrant #71 in the amount of $63,121.57, and Payroll Warrant #72 in the amount of $13,808.48. Councilor David McAlpine seconded the motion, and the council voted unanimously in favor of the acceptance.

In old business, McAlpine motioned to "award a contract for new lighting at the public works garage to the lowest bidder, Border Electric, in the amount of $5,695, taking the needed funds from the unexpended public works overtime account 10-01-001-006.”  Gayton seconded, and the council voted in favor of the motion. 

Gayton motioned to “adopt the slate of nominations for various committees and boards as presented.”  The list of boards and nominees include:  Baileyville Utilities District Trustee (five year term), John Larkin; Planning Board (three year terms), Ed Hanson and Gary Moore; Woodland Library Trustee (three year terms), Craig Croman and Steve Knowles; Down East Economic Development Corporation (terms subject to Council will), Craig Croman and David McAlpine (“to serve together as one”); Board of Appeals, no nominations.  McAlpine seconded the motion, and the board consistently approved the nominations.

McAlpine also motioned to accept the Election Clerks and Wardens as follows: Frances Engroff (D), Muriel McPhee (R), Margruerite Cox (D), Stacy Crosby (R), Jean Neddeau (D), Sherri Emery (D), Betty Troiani (D), Avis McIntyre (R), Janet Johnson (D), Nancy McIntyre (D), Helen Coleman (R), Constance Croman (D), Delores McPhee (D), Jean Kneeland (D), Jeanne Goggin (D), Sylvia Brown (D), Becky Varnum (R), Patricia Hanson (D), and Charlene Perkins (D).  Councilor Steve Knowles seconded the motion, and the council voted all in favor.

Knowles motioned “to move $36,407 that was not properly placed in Landfill Reserve and an additional $160,000 from Undesignated Reserve to Landfill Reserve to fund the next needed phase of Landfill construction.” Councilor Gayton seconded the motion, and all four the councilors approved the motion. 

In new business, the council approved an “order to increase the CDD Landfill fee effective July 1, 2016.” According to the Public Works Director Jamie McLaughlin, landfill fees “haven’t increased in 20 years.”  Town Manager Rick Bronson stated he would like to increase the current CDD monthly fee and would be billed out to each town on a per population basis.

The council also agreed to “adopt policy regarding personal property left in public streets and roads.”  According to Council Chair Tim Call, “This has been policy for a number of years, however, it was not properly adopted.” 

Town Manager Richard Bronson discussed the possibility of utilizing fiber options in the Baileyville Municipal Building in his manager's report.  Bronson also spoke briefly about possible fire training with the City of Calais.


The next Baileyville Town Council Meeting is scheduled for April 11, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.