5 Reasons You Should Be Growing In A Raised Bed

Finally, we have some sun! It’s a great time to wake up your garden. At my farm, we are converting all of our garden space into raised beds. It’s a huge undertaking that we will benefit from for the rest of our gardening days. You may not ever have thought of growing in a raised bed, but I hope to change your mind. Here are 5 reasons that a raised bed garden might be the best decision you made. 

1. Raised beds are so much easier to work in - Imagine not kneeling down and crawling around the plants all season. We may not like to think about it, but eventually having our gardens up where we can reach them is going to be a benefit. 

2. Raised beds warm faster in the spring - This is a huge benefit, right? You know those seedlings that you started too early? Well, you can put them into the raised bed weeks before placing them into the ground. It’s also easier to cover your garden to protect from insect and frost damage when working in a raised bed. 

3. Raised bed gardens have almost no weed problems. Because you fill the beds with your own topsoil and composted material, some weed seeds may still be viable and germinate once they get in your nice, warm raised beds. But even those can easily be pulled up. 

4. Raised beds also have much less of a bug and critter problem. Of course any flying insects can certainly find your plants, but you can easily tent them to keep off the egg laying variety, and the crawling marauders don’t often make it up the sides of the beds. For us, this solves our ridiculous snail and slug problem. 

5. Raised beds don’t become as compacted. Since you are never walking on the soil, it doesn’t get nearly as compacted as it would in the ground. There is some natural settling that occurs, but adding composted material every year keeps the soils soft and friable. Much less work and much nicer results. 


 Overall, working in a raised bed has numerous benefits. You could use boxes, buckets and any containers that are food safe and have good drainage. The main thing is to just get out there and garden any way possible. It’s good for the soul and for your dinner table.