Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

Sunday afternoon, dog on the leash, we walked out back to investigate the wild strawberry possibilities. My shepherd did a lot of ground sniffing by a small natural pond-probably from turtles or raccoons passing on their way to and from. Further on we were serenaded by a bull frog. There was no sign that anything had walked through since I last mowed. Sadly for me, there appears to be just one small spot of wild strawberries  beginning to ripen. With the sun and heat, they will probably be ripe on Wed. one of the two days of rain predicted. I’ll have to scramble to get ahead of the slugs and ants to get even a taste.

The latest ever, but last week I finally got all vegetables and seeds planted. I’m optimistic that SOMETHING will produce. If anything does grow, may it be something rabbits and woodchucks  least like. Has the scourge of those horrid moths, which build white nests everywhere, passed now? I haven’t seen more lately. For a couple of weeks earlier this spring it looked like it would be a bad year of them.

Our recent Town Meeting was well attended. Some expenditures were questioned, but all articles passed. The school budget for 2016-2017 generated more questions and a number of citizens advocated for cuts, pointing out that each year the budget increases.There were concerns of property tax increases. Others pointed out that taxpayers have a responsibility to see to it that the children are educated. The vote passed the budget.


Some things going on in our area which were listed on the SCEC website are: The Downeast Lakes Land Trust is hosting the 7th annual “Race for Grand Lakes Stream” on Mon., July 4. Its is a 3 mile run from Big Lake to the center of the village. Registration is from 8am to 8:45am on the Downeast Lakes Land Trust lawn. Runners will be taken by bus to the starting line. the race will begin promptly at 9am. Registration is $12 and will include a GLS-America t-shirt.