Town News

Sally Doten


Summer finally arrived! Need I say more about the beautiful week we have had. No complaints from me.

On the way to church this morning I saw Commander Michael McLean placing flags on the poles lining North St. in the Milltown section of Calais; and last week Baring St. was done. I just want to thank Mike for his tireless work for the American Legion. The flags look great and are a consistent reminder of what a great country we reside in. Now with that being said can I interest the residents of Baring to place a flag on the light poles in front of their property. It would make a beautiful addition to this town. Adding a flag or two might also be an incentive to others to clean up their property and bring more pride back to town. This was once the neatest place to live; no run down homes, no yards being used for junk piles. Can we get back to where we once were? I guess I am passionate about this because at the age of 3 I moved here and have never left. I watched beautiful old homes burn to the ground or left to fall in place. I saw all the elms trees arching the streets being lost to Dutch Elm Disease. The elms that were cut were never replaced with other species, what a shame. People had beautiful vegetable and flower gardens, lawns were mowed neatly with a motor-less mower, and the kids played from yard to yard. Oh, for those days. Can we bring anything back to where it was?  So much for reminiscing.

 Ok, it’s time to get back to the Moreshead-Moreside family saga. I attended the committal service for Muriel Moreside Matthews on Saturday. After the service family and friends gathered at the Lamb Farm Road on the Grand Fall Flowage. While there I met several people I didn’t know. One approached me and asked if I was “Sally?” She told me her name was Debbie Moreside Howard. Her siblings were Donna and David.  Their parents were Carlton (Jack) and Audrey Moreside. I had heard of the parents but never the “kids.” We had a chance to discuss some history and family which made me even more curious about my beginnings. My next visit is to George Moreshead to have him explain the complete story. To make it more interesting I attended the service with Nancy Gillis Grant and couldn’t figure out what relationship there was there. So this is what I found out: Bob Matthews (Muriel’s husband) was a brother to Nancy’s mother Leta Matthews Gillis and to Naida Matthews Smythe.  Bob and Muriel (Moody as we called her) had two children, Thomas and Kathy. Tommy was killed in a military accident shortly after graduating from high school. Kathy married Jamie Dowling.  The Dowling children are Thomas and Sherry.  That’s all I know for now but I am on the hunt for more. I will keep you posted.

Looking out my windows it’s sad to see one of the older homes being dismantled. The home of Clyde and Muriel Doten is soon to be demolished to be replaced by a new modular. It was sad yesterday when Beth and I went down to see the army uniforms they wore while serving in WWII. Muriel saved every card, letter, picture, and receipt she ever had. Drawers full of memories, closets full of clothes, dishes in the cupboards all reminding us of how they lived and what they shared. Now looking to the future I will have new neighbors; Duane & Crystal McLellan with the kids will be Baring residents before Christmas.

Happy 50th Anniversary to Richard and Judy Doten Keen. They celebrated with family and friends in Maryland on Saturday.

Wow, I didn’t know until last week that Baring Gifts served Gifford’s Ice Cream. I enjoyed every bite.

Thinking of friends and shut-ins: Issie Gibson is at Ross Manor in Bangor for rehab, Lorraine Cottrell at EMMC, and  Diane Richendollar, need our thoughts and prayers.


See you next me with news. Thank you.