CES Summer Program Proving Vital for Parents and Kids

By Jayna Smith


These kids are just a few of the many who are having fun at Calais Elementary School’s summer program.  (Photo by Jayna Smith)

Calais Elementary School may be closed for the academic school year, but its summer program is in full-swing.  After continued success with its after-school program, Principal Mrs. Sue Carter decided kids--and parents, too--could benefit from the same type of program extended throughout the summer months.   

Beginning at 7:30 in the morning, until 4:30 in the evening, Calais Elementary School's child care program currently has about 50 school-aged children attending.  Some of those children attend a day here or a day there, while others attend regularly, Monday through Friday.  Mrs. Carter said more are welcome, especially with such a limited number of day care providers in the area.

The daily rate is set at just $10 per child, with a $15 a day maximum per family.  This price includes breakfast and lunch prepared and cooked onsite.  The summer child care program certainly is not about making a profit, Mrs. Carter said, explaining that she only needs to pay her staff and is in no way concerned about a profit.  "The goal was to find something financially feasible with some good structure where parents could go to work and know that their kids would be taken care of," she stated.  

The children enjoy various activities, including lots of time at the city's pool, even swimming lessons.  The kids have also attended field trips to the touch tank at the Wabanaki Cultural Center, the Calais Riverfront Walkway, the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, and the movie theater, with more fun trips planned.  

All kids entering grade one though grade six are welcome to attend, and they do not have to be residents of Calais.  The program runs through Friday, August 26th, nearly right up to the first day of school on Thursday, September 1st.  


For more information about the summer program, Mrs. Carter can be reached at 454-2000.