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Dave McCullough

My experiences in Grand Lake Stream usually are positive but I ran into an exception at the Town Recycling Center. The days it has not been open or during the designated hours people are leaving bags of waste near the attendant’s cabin and animals are getting into it and spreading it all over the entire area. Last Wednesday it took 3 people just under an hour to rake and clean up the mess. If you or someone you know is leaving their “stuff’ there early, please consider the mess and clean-up that is required! My Dad always had a quote, “there is not time to do it right but always time to do it over again”. Let’s treat the Recycling Center and those who work there with due respect!

Great social events seem to take place on a regular basis in Grand Lake Stream. The Wednesday Community Pot Luck Dinner was hosted by Lance and Helen Rogers on their lovely beach that overlooks the entrance to Farm Cove and Caribou Rock. Everyone brought interesting and different dishes which were shared and enjoyed by all! Many thanks Helen and Lance!

Jenifer, Nolan and I had never been to a “Corn Boil” so we accepted the kind invitation of Robert and Bonny Gagnon to join the festivities of their 3rd annual event. What a grand gathering with delicious corn plus a host of various dishes that were brought in by the more than 60 people in attendance. People from all over the area attended.  It is always enjoyable to chat with your neighbors you have not seen for a spell. To cap off this event the GLS Ukulele Band was in attendance with songs that had the audience clapping and stomping their feet to the music.  Thanks to those who joined them with other instruments to add to the fun! A large tent was provided so occasional sprinkles only gave an extra beat to the music. 

 DLLT thanks everyone who ran in Saturday’s “Downeast Lakes 5-Miler” and came out to support the runners.  It was the largest turnout in three years, as the race continues to grow in popularity. 

The West Grand Lake Flat water Race was cancelled due to weather, but an “End of Summer” cookout will be held at 1 pm on Thursday, August 18th at Grand Lake Lodge.  There will be a Kids’ Paddle Race and everyone is welcome to attend!

 Serious Skills for Boys & Girls - August 18 – Wild Edibles for Beginners – DLLT Education and Outreach Manager Colin Brown will lead a wild edibles hike, searching for some of the tastiest treats the forest has to offer.

Book Series: “Postcards From Here” - Friday, August 26, 2016 - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

On Friday, August 26th, the Downeast Lakes Land Trust is pleased to welcome local author, Penny Guisinger, for a presentation on her new book, Postcards From Here.  A collection of micro-essays, Postcards From Here has received wonderful reviews and captures rural life in Downeast Maine.  The program will begin at 6:30 pm at the Grand Lake Stream School Building.  For more information, please contact Downeast Lakes Land Trust at (207) 796 – 2100 or email

THE BROWN 28th FAMILY REUNION August 6, 2016                       

 The 28th annual Brown Family Reunion was held on August 6th for the descendants of the late Edward T. Brown and Charlotte B. (Hold) Brown at the homestead in Grand Lake Stream. It was hosted by Jackie & Duane Nelson.

 We had 23 present this year, hope for a bigger attendance next year. Everyone enjoyed a nice meal and great conversation. The weather was great; showers didn’t come until near the end.

 Those attending this year were: From Grand Lake Stream, ME:  Joyce Brown, Jane Brown Shepard, Ruth Williams, From: Falmouth, Me:  Kathy Neddeau, Di & Benjamin Wilson, 

 From Calais, ME:  Gaynor Nelson, From Bucksport, ME:  Marilyn Neddeau, From Saco, ME: Todd Neddeau, From Mendon, MA:  Jackie & Duane Nelson, From Dunbarton, NH: Becki, Michael & Ethan Krueger, From Natick, MA: Darna, Axel & Rayne Brown Nelson & Eric, From Santa Monica, CA: Vonda Shepard, Jack Froom & Brianna Shepard, From CA:  Jim & Luana Carroll, See you all next year on the 1st Saturday in August.

The following is a note from The DLLT to Al LaPlante (trail master for the GLS ATV Club) regarding an upcoming road closure. Hello Al,

 I wanted to let you know that DLLT will be installing an arch culvert on the Belden Brook road next week which will have the ATV route closed for about 48 hours.  Construction will begin on Monday, but the road will only be impassable for a couple of days mid-week.  There will be signs posted from both directions, and I will let you know the exact timing of the road closure once construction is underway.  Call me if you have any questions. Best, David Montague, Executive Director, Downeast Lakes Land Trust. 207-796-2100

SHOW ME THE $   (the Hermit)

Several years ago our State Legislature enacted over 400 new laws, rules, amendments and regulations.  I suppose this is typical – in 10 years that’s 4,000 pieces of legislation.  Add to this the plethora of new restrictions and regulations instituted annually by local and federal governments -a legal monster has been created that is slowly gobbling up our freedoms and giving lawyers a paradise. 

On a more positive note here are two federal laws that have been in effect since the early 1950s. Both have been amended a dozen times to include more items by Congress. The first was Pittman Robertson (after the congressman).  P.R. placed an excise tax on the sale of guns and ammo.  It was added to the total cost so it was not noticed by the consumer.  It was expanded now to include all manner of hunting gear.  The second, Dingle-Johnson law also created another excise tax on fishing tackle.  This too has been expanded to include even outboard motors.  

Now two years ago these two funds collected more than one billion dollars.  This money was then dispensed to all the states, the amount based on the state size and number of hunting and fishing licenses sold.  These funds were specifically designated for fish and wildlife restoration programs.  One example for Maine would be the current program to restore brook trout habitat.  Given how under-funded our Fish and Game Dept. is, the P.R. and D.J. monies provided needed support for essential fish and game projects.  Our warden force pulling pot plants does nothing for our natural resources.

As can happen we learn interesting information from young people and at a dinner conversation Nolan recently brought up the names given to a group of animals or birds. Here are some samples. Alligators come in a group called a congregation!, Barracudas come in a group call a battery! Clams come in a group called a bed and crabs come in a group called a cast. Look up on the web for all the interesting names of the animal and bird groups.


Your humble correspondent, Dave McCullough  or 207-796-2286