Town News

Linda Baniszeski


Five generations of the Sawyer family of Charlotte attended the Fickett family reunion last week. Pictured are, front Thursa Sawyer surrounded by her son Tom Sawyer, his son Tom Sawyer Jr., his granddaughter Marley Merchant and Tom Jr’s daughter Kaci Sawyer. (Photo by Dorothy Johnson).

We are in the midst of the lazy, hazy days of summer.  We still need a lot more rain.  Our rain meter measured only 1/4” after the most recent storms.  As soon as rain falls, the moisture is quickly absorbed into the thirsty ground.  In Louisiana they are dealing with rampant storms and flooding, here it is just the opposite.  

 Joyce (Reynolds) Perkins passed away last week in Machias in the nursing home where she resided.  Her funeral was this past Saturday and attendees filled Meddybemps Community Church.  Pastor Howell presented a lovely service.  Family and friends from near and far came to remember Joyce.  Terry Reynolds hosted many out of town attendees at his properties.  Friends, former neighbors and family members, who traveled great distances from Virginia and New Hampshire, paid their respects to this dear lady. A gathering followed the service at Meddybemps Community Center.  

 On a happier note, we extend best birthday wishes to Maxine Palmeter on August 20; Richard Skinner Jr. and Charlene Decker - 21; Vince Dineen, Bob Gordon and Barbara Hansen - 23; Janice Frost and Virginia Moffatt - 23; and Julie Hascom - 24.    

In town news, some residents are attending the selectmen meeting on Tuesday, August 16.  A report from this meeting, and date for the upcoming special town meeting will be included in next week’s Meddybemps news.   Selectmen meetings are always the first and third Tuesdays of each month, unless otherwise posted on the Community Center entrance door.  

 The wildlife seems to be hiding out on many of the hot and sultry days we’ve been experiencing.  A few woodpeckers scale a tree in circles next to our bird feeder.  I cannot figure out if they are hiding seeds or finding little insects in the bark for a snack.  A bird expert would surely know.  

Janet Wooding reports, “A big blue heron flew into our little cove this afternoon, explored then left. Only the second one I have seen since we moved here in 2003. It was beautiful.”  Don’t believe we’ve ever seen a blue heron.  There have been some gray ones on the float out in the cove from time to time, peering for fish; but not lately.  

No matter where we traveled over the past week, eagles could be seen soaring at great heights. I saw one as we traveled to Bangor last week over the vast woodlands that surround Route 9.  They are always overhead here by the lake, and others are often spied flying over 191 through the Moosehorn Refuge and on the way to and from Machias around the Rocky Lake area.  Eagles were something so rare to see in Pennsylvania that they would stop traffic.  Here, not so much.  It is a wonderful fact that eagles have made a healthy resurgence.  Sad, though, that now these majestic birds seem commonplace to us in our special part of the world.  

 The little toddler doll from the woods on our lane has again disappeared.  Perhaps she had to be taken away due to heat exhaustion.  She sure was fun for the past two years.  All good things usually come to an end.  Unless she chooses to mysteriously appear once again.  We’ll probably never really know her story.


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