Possible Options for Baileyville School Facilities

By Dorothy Johnson

In April, Stephen Blatt Architects, a company from Portland, submitted a “Facilities Study: Baileyville School Department.” The school committee had hired this firm to inspect the school buildings in Baileyville and report their assessment of the buildings’ present conditions. This study was based on an on-site visit, a review of records and discussions with school personnel including administrators, maintenance personnel and staff members.  Based on their scrutiny of the elementary building and the high school building, the company offered options for moving forward with the buildings. The inspection team found many below standard features in the two buildings and presented five options for correcting those issues as well as estimated costs for each option.

The first option would make repairs and renovations to both buildings.  The cost was estimated to be $1.35 million for the elementary school and $4 million to take care of the high school.

The other four options involve closing the elementary school and building additions on the high school building so Pre-K through grades 6 could be housed there. The second option (B-1) would construct a one-story addition on the high school for the pre-k through six grades on the Summit Street side of the building.  This plan would require acquiring land on Summit Street for the addition (9850-square-foot) and for playgrounds.  This option does not allow for a kitchen or cafeteria, both of which have been recommended as needing replacements. This option has an estimate of costing $6.6 million.

Option number three (B-2) has the addition for the Pre-K- grades 6 in the same place as option one.  This addition would include a new kitchen and cafeteria on the front entrance side of the present building attached to the new addition. This plan would add 12,900-square-foot to the present building and the estimated cost is $7.25 million.

Option number four (C-1) involves building a two-story addition on the junior high end of the building off Main Street.  The lower level would house Pre-k through grade 4 and the upper level would house grades five through eight (middle school). This option would require the acquisition of the lot on the corner of Main Street and Palm Street to make a playground for the elementary students. A student drop-off and pick-up area would be provided with a semi-circle off Main Street between the gym and the present school library. This option would add 11,335-square-foot to the present building, but provide no new kitchen or cafeteria.  The estimate for this option is $7 million.

Option number five (C-2) keeps all of the features of option four and also adds a kitchen-cafeteria at the front entrance approximately where the modular classroom was with the new addition off the junior high. This option has been estimated at $7.75 million.


Superintendent Braun has presented these options to stakeholders at the school.  A decision on the various options is in the making, but it will need lots of discussion in town before it is final. Baileyville is also doing a great deal of sewer infrastructure and coupled with the cost of the school options it may be difficult to come up with the funds needed.