Main Street Discount in Machias Robbed at Gunpoint

A Machias discount store was robbed of $200 Monday morning.

Sylvia Pouliot, owner of Main Street Discount, said Tuesday morning that a man entered her store at about 8:40 a.m. and demanded she open up the register.

“The guy came in and told me, ‘Open up the register.’ I said, ‘You’re kidding,’” she said.

When he replied he was not kidding, she said “I just opened up the doors. How much do you think is going to be in there?

“He said, ‘I don’t care,’ and he pulled a gun out and said, ‘I said [to] open up the register,’” Pouliot said. “The he grabbed me by the throat and put a gun to my head.” 

The man took her start-up money for the day, which was about $200, and fled on foot after taking her phone, she said.

Pouliot said she had to go into the store office to call police and did not see where the man went after he left her store.

“Police kept me on the phone till they could get somebody here,” she said, adding she hadn’t been scared until he put the gun to her head. 


Other media reported that Machias police had a man in custody but that his name had not yet been released. He also allegedly robbed Camden National Bank in Machias, according to reports. However, police were unavailable at press time to confirm any details.