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Sharon Frost



BOO! Halloween is October 31st - a special day to dress up in costumes, go to parties, and eat candy. Trees aren’t the only plants that get ooh’s and ahh’s during the fall foliage season. Many shrubs offer spectacular displays as well. Fothergilla, a member of the witch hazel family, offers brilliant fall foliage in red, burgundy, orange or yellow. “Maradco” beauty bush under trademark name “Dream Catcher” dresses in greenish yellow leaves during growing season but switches to blazing golden-orange in fall. I’m getting so old that all my friends in heaven will think I didn’t make  it. If someone accuses me of being wrong, I will admit it just as soon as chickens lay basketballs. 

October 24th, United Nations Day. Open Auto Tours at the Moosehorn Refuge the rest of October, get out and enjoy the fall foliage, a variety of wildlife habitats, ponds, wetlands, brightly colored trees and shrubs! What a wonderful organ recital by Timothy Edward Smith at St. Anne’s Church on Friday evening, too bad so many missed it. Music from five centuries announcing the installation of a refurbished Moller pipe organ. Mr Smith earned music degrees from Wheaton College, Northwestern University and the Boston Conservatory. A lovely dessert reception was held after the concert in the Parish Hall. 

Methodist Church Supper is on for Thursday at 5pm, $8, $10 Can. Beans, scallops, salad, mac/cheese, rolls, pumpkin pie, tea and coffee.

On Thursday I attended the burial of my uncle Gerald Marbee at Pennfield, got to see a lot of my family members and friends. 

“For man, Autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.” 

On Saturday, a mass choir from communities around Passamaquoddy Bay and the Fundy Isles performed at St. Stephen Kirk McCall United Church. It was a full house thanks to Dr. Matthew Reese for his gift of time and skill in directing the “Voices of the Bay.” Dr. Reese is a versatile conductor, baritone clinician and stage director performing experiences in the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and in his native country, New Zealand. He is absolutely awesome! A lovely lunch following the concert. 

St. Anne’s Public Supper will be held on Friday, October 21st at 5:30. Beans, scallops, macaroni/cheese, rolls, pie and beverages. 

St. Anne’s Stewardship theme was on talent at Sunday’s service, read by Shane DelMouaco, a wonderful job Shane. 

Food Pantry in need of canned pasta. A stuffing drive is on to support Solidarity Harvest, can be left at St. Anne’s Hall. 

Sorry to hear of the passing of Grace Meader, a wonderful lady and active in the community. 

Fran Mulcohy enjoyed her son Kevin home from New York. They did some traveling around and eating out. That Fran is like a wind up toy, never runs down, shes a sweetheart. 

Don’t forget Donation Day in Gift/Coffee Shop at the hospital on October 27th. Donations must be dropped off there all month. Items needed include: peanut butter, jelly, 18oz or less, English muffins, bagels, paper towels, napkins, juice 5.5oz. 10am. Those who donate will have a chance to win a homemade pie. 

Prayers go out to Pastor Rosebush, Billy Gibson (Calais), Pat Noddin, Ginny Coffin, Ken Colson as he goes for tests this week. 

Cut the cake: Sally Doten, Dale Newell, Winnie Rogers, Les Lyons, Judy Tompkins, Maureen Pike, Heidi Norton, Jean Windrick, Sharon LaCoute, Forest Woodruff, Mark Kidder, Becky Lacasse, Lenny Hanson, Danielle Feck. 

Celebrated Marlene Bryant’s birthday on Saturday at the Wickachee, a delicious cake with boiled icing made by Norma Griffin, also joining was Carol Donovan and Marlene’s daughter. 

Open House at St Croix Regional Family Health Center. It is their 25th Anniversary and the grand opening of the Dental Center. There will be delicious food, great prizes, and music on Tuesday, October 25th 3-6pm. Mill Street, Princeton.