Town News

Sally Doten



Do you realize how lucky you are? Let me explain, if I hadn’t received a phone call at 7 p.m. on Monday to check to see where my column was, you wouldn’t be reading this exciting press coverage. 

Judy Antoniello and I traveled to Bangor on Monday so I could go to the doctor in Brewer. After I received my shots we headed to the Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. While there we were visited by Denis and Chris Gillespie. These four Baptist  had a good chat and then we headed out to just one store, mind you, only ONE store. Judy needed make-up at Macy’s and that was the only purchase that was made by either one. Can you believe that I actually went to Bangor and didn’t hit a store for new clothes? It’s a miracle!

Chris Drew knocked on my door the other day to tell me she pulled the old Second Baptist Church sign out of the bushes. I went down by the railroad tracks to retrieve it and it was in worse shape than I thought. It now is sitting in front of my garage and I hate to think I have to throw it out but I really don’t think it’s worth keeping.

Katie Erskine, Kayle and Emily Doten attended the Homecoming Dance at Calais High School over the weekend. The girls looked beautiful in their dresses, high heels, and new hairdos.  Oh, to be young again!

The selectmen are still waiting for a date for another town meeting. The time has to fit in to the schedule of the Baileyville town manager and many others. Keep an eye on this paper and this column to learn the time and date. Hopefully, it will be before the end of October.

Issie Gibson has returned home after being a patient at Calais Regional Hospital. Get stronger, Issie, we all miss you.

Just a reminder as I am the chair for the Operation Christmas Child at the Second Baptist Church. Collection week for the shoes boxes is Nov. 14, 2016. The church will be opened that week to collect boxes. I have several partially filled boxes at the church that can be taken home and detailed for a boy or a girl. If you want to pick one up, the church is opened on Tuesday thru Friday. Someone will be there to help you.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Our beautiful foliage is slowly slipping by. There are some areas that still have leaves in multiple colors but others are bare. The Airline was bright today with so many yellow leaves on the birch trees. It has been a stunning and vivid fall.

Just a reminder to Baring residents planning to vote in November: If you have not registered yet, you can call the Town Clerk Mary McLellan (454-2107) and go to her home on Front Street or you can wait until the actual voting day to register at the polls. For those of you who are new to the town, voting is held at the Baring Baptist Church. 

Well, friends, this is all I know for now. If I missed something, I’m sorry. If you want to share your life, call me. I’ll write about almost anything. 

Stay safe; stay well.