Indian Township

Town News


Donna Meader-York


The halls of our school are quiet as students are engaged in their classrooms. I take a walk and peek in each room, loving the way the children are learning. I pass the Passamaquoddy Language class with 6th grade present, and find myself repeating the words they are learning. Indian Township School is a happy place.

There are two exciting things happening at our school this week, and they are both happening on the same day. First, the annual championship Cross Country race will be held at the Moosehorn in Calais on Wednesday. I will let you know the results of that next week. Second, the After School Program, partnered with Farm to School, and our own Community Garden will celebrate National Garlic Day by making Garlic Hummus. Students in grades 4 through 8 are invited to attend. The After School Program is in a transition at the moment, so no regular schedule is available, but there will be a couple of special events or activities happening which will be announced here, and notices will be sent home. The After School Program has a Face Book page, as does ITS under the name Motahkomiqwi Skulhawossol. The next After School Program event will happen on Halloween. We will be pressing apples and making apple cider!

On November 17, we will be welcoming Dinoman! He will be presenting his show Dinosaurs! as a whole school assembly, then working with each class individually. We just heard about Dinoman coming this morning. The kids don’t know about it yet, but when they find out, you can be sure they will be excited!  

That’s all the news for this week. Please visit our web site at where we have a calendar, news and special announcements. Take care of yourself and keep learning!