Marianne Moore's Comments on Citizen Initiative Referendums


Question 1 Comments:

While I support medical marijuana usage, I am concerned of the consequences if this passes.  Not having a way to test someone under the influence of marijuana while driving places our citizens and public safety personnel in harms way, as well as the the possibility of this being the starting “highway” for stronger drugs for our youth.

Question 2 Comments:

My concern with increasing the taxes for those making over $200,000 is the possibility of potential business investors pulling out or choosing not to do business in Maine.  We need to find other ways to fund our schools at the 55% level “promised” to our cities & towns.

Question 3 Comments:

While I support background checks for firearm sales, this law places undue “rules” and expenses on law abiding citizens.  The “bad guys” will still find ways to purchase firearms illegally.

Question 4 Comments:

Raising the minimum wage will be a disaster for small businesses such as mine.  Most small businesses are not able to pay the suggested rates and may be forced to close.  Entry level jobs will not be available for our young adults.  Additionally, waiters/waitresses will actually make less money with the loss of tips.  

Question 5 Comments:

This type of “voting” is very confusing for most voters and will complicate the voting process.  Additionally, this will be a very costly expense to future elections.