Have Violin, Will Travel

By Amy Jeanroy

 Jasmine Reese II and her dog Fiji stopped briefly in Calais before continuing on their world tour, by bicycle. (Photo by Amy Jeanroy).

Fresh from Canada, and biking down Route 1 in Calais last Monday, Jasmine Reese, 28, is starting the next leg of an epic 6-year journey with her dog Fiji. Reese, a violin player, has plans to play with musicians as she travels the world. 

No stranger to long-distance bike travel, in 2013, she  and Fiji rode across the United States. “It was sort of an ego booster for me,” she said, I felt as if I was stuck in a rut. and that’s when I started thinking about riding across the country.” 

Her travel companion Fiji is a rescue dog with plenty of energy. According to Reese, Fiji runs about 20 miles a day, and she certainly wasn’t ready to stop while Jasmine and this reporter spoke; pulling against the special bar that held the leash to the bike, and whining softly as the minutes passed. 

With plans to dodge the cold weather by going to Florida for a few months, Reese and Fiji will be headed to South Korea after that. She has planned her route based on countries that won’t have a quarantine for Fiji. Other than a general list of countries she can legally get to with her dog, there is no concrete plan. The two are relying on luck and ingenuity to get to each step in their journey. With only a loose timeline to adhere to, both Jasmin and Fiji will enjoy a beautiful trek down the east coast, leaving the cold weather behind. 


Jasmine uses social media to keep friends updated on her whereabouts, and it is also critical for finding the next place she will be staying. To follow her journey, check out her official website: www.Fijapaw.com