Town News

Sally Doten



It’s again a Sunday evening and I sit looking at the computer screen and wondering what I can write that might interest you. May I say, “it’s not much.” So here comes the news.......

Well, it’s over! We have a new president!! The signs have disappeared! Some people aren’t happy but America will survive.

On Election Day I worked at the polls along with Evelyn Noddin and Mary McLellan. We registered 15 new voters and had 127 votes cast. To me, the little village of Baring did very well. I think we have about 150 voters, plus or minus, and to have 127 turn out is a great percentage. Congratulations, neighbors, you took the election seriously and did your civic duty. Give yourselves a pat on the back. We three ladies met our newest residents, talked with old friends, and were pleased to have a visit from Maryanne Moore. It was a long day, but a good day. At 11:45 p.m. we said “good night” and went to our respective homes with heads bursting with numbers and wondering who won.

Jim and I enjoyed a visit from our granddaughter Shannon Vachon on Friday evening and Saturday. She drove from Falmouth to spend a few hours with the old folks. We loved having her around.

Someone left a folder of Baring History between the doors at the house on Sunday. I have no idea who it was, but I would like to say, “thank you.” And now, will the guilty party please stand up.


As I have mentioned before in this column, I am the coordinator of this ministry at the Second Baptist Church. This is the national collection week; a busy week for all involved in this work. If you have a filled shoebox or if you are a group or church that have made up several boxes, they can be dropped off at the church. Someone will be there to greet you at the following days and times:

Wednesday (16)    10-3

Thursday (17)        10-3

Friday (18)             2-6

Saturday (19)        10-3

On Sunday all the boxes will be packed into cartons and will start their way to Caribou. From northern Maine the truck heads south to the Baltimore, Maryland depot. The boxes are prepared there to make their final trip to countries and areas some of us have never heard of. Many children are blessed beyond words upon receipt of your generosity. Thank you for taking part.


Maybe I should give up Baring News and write for the church. goes. On Saturday, Nov. 19, the church will be serving a Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner for those that are alone or shut-in. As in previous years, there is no charge and take-out orders are available. Hours of serving start at 11:30 through 2:00. You can call 454-2625 or 454-2579 to request a take-out. The menu consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, cranberry sauce, rolls and pies. If you are alone or just want to be a part of the family, join us at the Second Baptist Church. We would love to meet you.

It is now Monday morning and I am still struggling trying to find news. Some things just never change.

Back to Baring, I just noticed Mark Olsson taking in the scenery on Center Street. I love seeing this familiar face in the neighborhood.

It was good to hear that Billy (Grampy Bill) Gibson had a successful surgery in Delaware. He will be there recuperating for several weeks. Everyone is wishing you well, Billy. Get well soon.

Thank you to Austin McLellan for helping me move the summer furniture and plant pots to the shed for winter storage. It’s so nice having teens in town to help when necessary. I appreciated the extra hands and muscles.

Well, as Bugs Bunny would say, “That’s all folks!”

Have a wonderful week and stay well.