Economic Committee Meets to Discuss RFP

By Kaileigh Deacon 


The Economic Committee held a brief meeting before the City Council meeting on Thursday in Council Chambers. There was only one item on the agenda the examination of the template for the Request for Proposal. 

The Request for Proposal is to solicit bids for the branding and website development of the city. Chris Steele put together a template of the RFP and presented a copy to the Economic Committee for their discussion and suggestions. 

The Committee reviewed the RFP to create a rough draft making sure the wording carried what they wanted across to the companies who would submit proposals. One item the committee agreed on was to specify that the company kept all proposed design in line with the surrounding communities on both sides of the border. They agreed that maintaining regional continuity was important. 

The goal is to have the Request for Proposal out after the Committee and Council’s next meeting March 14 so they can receive bids by the tentative April 5 deadline. After the deadline has been reached the Council will then have 60 days to make a decision on which proposal to accept. Once the proposal is accepted, the selected company will make a presentation to the public and Council at a Council meeting. The company selected will have 6 months to complete the project. 

The Economic Committee will be holding a meeting at WCCC to determine what people look for when they move to Calais. They want to make that information more available and accessible to those people and the current citizens of Calais. The Committee will meet again on March 14 at 5:00 p.m. in Council Chambers before the City Council meeting.