Troop J Report

Number of Calls for Service: 133 Number of Warrant Arrests: 2 Number of Accidents: 19 Number of OUI/OAS Arrests: 4 Number of Burglaries: 4.

11-07-16 Corporal Micah Perkins responded to a burglary complaint in Grand Lake Stream where a seasonal residence was reported broken into and tools were reported stolen. Investigation continues. Trooper Caleb McGary arrested Jeremy Kane (29) of Sullivan, for operating under the influence of alcohol and operating after revocation after a traffic stop in Sullivan.

Trooper Jeffrey Taylor summonsed Evan Emerson (26) of Columbia Falls for Theft of Services as result of a complaint made by Emera regarding stolen electricity.

11-09-16 Trooper Gavin Endre stopped a motor vehicle in Milbridge for a defect. During the stop, Jovarana Sinclair (22) was criminally summonsed for false attachment of a registration plate. Trooper Jeffrey Taylor responded to a burglary complaint on Beals Island. It was reported $3000.00 in cash stolen from a lock box inside a safe. Investigation continues.

11-11-16 Trooper Barnard responded to a theft complaint in Stonington. It was reported someone took a small rototiller from his garage. Corporal Micah Perkins summonsed Christopher Neptune, (33) of Princeton, for operating after suspension after a traffic stop in Alexander. Trooper Owen Reed summonsed Joseph Schwager (20) and Zachary Salvador (19) for theft after he found them stealing street signs in Blue Hill.

Trooper Josh Lander responded to a burglary complaint in Mariaville where a camp on an island was reported to have been ransacked. Investigation continues. 11-12-16 Corporal Micah Perkins summonsed Shelley Young (33) of Nova Scotia, for the traffic infraction of operating after suspension after a traffic stop in Crawford. Trooper Owen Reed summonsed Charlette Bradley (21) of Prospect Harbor, for criminal speed after a traffic stop in Orland, 80 mph in a 50 mph zone. 11-13-16

Trooper Jacob Ferland arrested and charged Jay Dresser (62) of Bangor, for OUI drugs as a result of a traffic stop. Dresser was also charged with two counts of violation of conditions of release. Trooper Travis Chapman assisted with the stop.