Town News

Sally Doten


I am suppose to do this column on Sunday but I’ve been busy. This Christmas thing is exhausting!!!! Hope you are more organized than I am....I procrastinate too much. This afternoon I even decided to put out a few decorations.

Looks like we’ll have a white Christmas if these flakes hang around for a few more days. Thankfully we didn’t get the high winds to cause drifting as other areas did.

Sorry to report that Jerry Moreshead is now a resident at Marshall Health Care in Machias. Jerry fell at home and now needs rehabilitation. Hope to hear your back on your feet soon.

Terry Johnson has been a patient at Calais Regional Hospital. I haven’t heard on his progress but hope he is home soon. Fran, Terry’s wife, is still at Marshall Health Care.

Now let me tell you something amusing about the two above mentioned gentlemen. Jerry is Jim’s first cousin and my second cousin. Terry is Jim’s first cousin and no relation to me. This is another one of those Moreshead/Doten things. You know, “I’m My Own Grandpa.” I am thinking this should be family song. If you need an explanation, I will post it next week. Let me know......

Sympathy is extended to the family of Joanne Wheelock. Joanne passed away on Sunday after a battle with cancer. She will be missed by her family and friends. 

On Sunday the folks from Baring Baptist Church went caroling around town in the evening. I’m sorry I missed them but I was probably asleep in the recliner. From all the reports I hear, they did a great job. There were many cold faces but the warm hearts and Christmas wishes made up for the chill. Thank you, Pastor Bobby, for helping us celebrate Christmas.

Since the second of December I have been on the road constantly. As I told you last week I went to Freeport, Yarmouth, and Falmouth on the weekend to visit my granddaughters. On Tuesday, the 6th, I took Judy Antoniello to Bangor for a procedure at EMMC. We went on Tuesday and came back on Wednesday. Then on Saturday, she had another appointment in Bangor so back we go again. By Saturday night I was “too pooped to pop!” I think I was in bed by 8pm which is a rare thing for me. I usually see 11pm on a regular basis. Anyway, I am thankful for safe travels, bare roads, and good health for Judy. Today I felt just about normal for me. Although sometimes I don’t know what normal is.

While in Bangor, I visited with Janet Purton. She was feeling a bit better but anxious to be home. This lady has had one illness after another for the past two years. She has met every challenge with grace and fierceness. She is not one to give up. Hope you are home soon, Janet, to celebrate the holidays with the family.

I am now closing this column for the week. In my kitchen, dishes are screaming to be washed; the living room doesn’t like the vacuum that is hanging around the middle of the room; the TV room just reminded me to clean out the magazine rack; and last but not least, the oven says I need to get so cooking done. Guess I know what my life is going to be for the next few days.

Hope you all have a great week. Stay well and out of trouble.