Town News

Sandra Smith


The major activity for this week was supposed to be the Friends of Princeton Christmas Holiday Home Decorating Contest. However, we had to postpone the judging on Saturday due to the poor weather conditions. Maine in the winter, there is always the possibility of a change in plans. Sunday was not the safest day as well, so we set the new date for Monday starting at 6:00 p.m. The judging points will be based on theme, creativity, effort, visibility and coverage. I was hoping to be able to announce the prize winners in this week’s column but that will have to wait until next week but Sharon Norman will put it on our Friends Facebook page.

On Wednesday, December 21 the awards will be announced. First place $50 (donated by Friends of Princeton), second place $35 (donated by Friends of Princeton) and third place $25 (donated by Parks and Recreation Committee). Prizes can be picked up at the Bellmard Inn.

For those who would like to see the lights of the decorated homes in the contest, here is a list of entrants. Enjoy and appreciate all their efforts. 460 Peter Dana Point Road, Indian Township: in Princeton: 11, 25 and 72 Mill Street; 65 Black Cat Drive; 21 and 746 West Street; 56, 162, 178, and 532 Main Street; 100 Eastern Cut Off Road.

The Princeton Library Committee held their monthly meeting at the library on Wednesday, December 14 at 5:00 p.m. Attending were Denise Hill, Nancy Davies, Scott Carle, myself, and librarian Heidi Potter. Heidi reported that the overdue books and dvds were being brought back after a post card notice was sent out and that there have been many donations. A patron has offered a collection of 40 cookbooks for which the library will now set up a special cookbook section. The books on tape will be donated to another library. There has been very little lending of the tapes in the past two years. Scott Carle gave us recommendations for updating our library computers and printer as well as the wifi network. Also he will look into a special program for registering all of the books. It was agreed that after the first of the year, the library will look into offering classes on computer skills. Heidi reported the upcoming Story Hour will be Wednesday, December 21 starting at 4:00. She has a story to read, a special crafts project and treats. Note that the library will be open for its regular hours throughout the holidays.

At the library meeting Denise clued me in to an error in my report about the election workers. It got by me and my proofreader and I do apologize. I had Denise as Doreen Hill and her daughter Brianna should have been included. Also I had Beverly in as Beth Grohs. Working the election is not an easy task and they do need to be recognized for their willingness to help out.

December 21, Wednesday-Princeton Library Reading Program, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

December, 23-26-Princeton Town Office is Closed for the Christmas Holiday.

And Frodo the Corgi has his stocking hung for his first Christmas. If he keeps chewing the chair, he might end up with coal instead of treats. Everyone in Princeton and beyond, have a good Christmas.

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