Indian Township

Town News

Donna Meader-York


One thing that is for sure, Indian Township School never runs out of things to celebrate. We really take the term “celebrate life” to heart.  Our latest celebrations have been full of laughter, tears, and lots of love.

On December 8, staff and students celebrated the pending retirement of Sandra Newell, our school secretary. Sandy is the glue that holds our school together. In 30+ years at the front desk, she has seen it all. She has some funny stories to share if you ever get a chance to sit and chat with her. But, before there was Sandy the school secretary, there was Sandy the bus driver, which is how she came to work at ITS. So, if you put the 2 jobs together, Sandy has been a part of our school for over 40 years! On her celebration day, each class room had prepared something for Sandy to show their appreciation of her dedicated service. Some made gifts, and some sang songs. The Pre-K class was so impressed with the fact that Sandy used to drive the bus, that they sang “The Wheels on the Bus” for her. She was showered with gifts, hugs, and lots of love.

Later on that afternoon, once the students were dismissed, we held our staff Christmas party. A beautiful meal was catered by Laura King. There was fish chowder, fresh bread, baked potato, carrots, and a choice of roast beef, or roast pork with gravy. I tasted everything and it was all delicious. Dessert was a choice of pumpkin roll (my personal favorite), and chocolate cake. A rousing game of Yankee Swap closed the festivities.

On Friday, December 16, ITS held its annual Christmas concert. Each class preformed a Christmas song in the Passamaquoddy language. My personal favorite, “U Pemlaqik”, or “Oh Holy Night”, was sung by the 7th grade class. I asked if they minded me jumping in and singing it with them and they were kind enough to let me sing with them. Thank you grade 7. As beautiful as that song is in English, it is even more so in the Passamaquoddy language.

Following the concert, our Family Christmas Dinner was held in the cafeteria. Parents and caregivers were invited to eat with their child/children during their regularly scheduled lunch time. Parents were asked to call ahead if they were coming so we could have enough food prepared. Thank goodness Ms. Tonya knows to cook extra because we had a wonderful turnout, with lots of smiling faces as the kids got to eat with a family member. On the menu: glazed ham, mashed potatoes, buttered carrots, rolls, and a choice of cheese cake or gingerbread man cookie. Thank you to our kitchen staff, Ms. Tonya Tomah, Ms. Betty Niles, and Mr. Seth Mitchell for a delicious meal.

That’s all the news for this week. We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a safe, happy New Year. If you are traveling for the holidays, travel safely. Take care, and never stop learning.