Historical Society Beckett’s Christmas Candy

It seems an appropriate time of the year to recall the days when all candy was “local” and Calais was home to the famous candy maker Frank Beckett, Sr.  For well over one hundred years to the Beckett family the Christmas season was spent on the third floor of the Beckett building on Main Street in Calais making its famed hard candies for the Christmas trade. In some years Beckett’s produced nearly 8 tons of Christmas candy.  Frank Beckett was born in 1863 and even as a teenager was probably producing ribbon Christmas candy by turning the crank of the “candy crimper” pictured above. The making of ribbon candy was an especially delicate operation and required a good deal of skill but Frank was working in the family business by the age of 13 and had acquired the skills of a candy maker early in  life from his father, J.G. Beckett.