Indian Township


Donna Meader-York


Our winter days continue with visions of ice fishing and it is never easy to say good-bye. There is no word for good-bye in the Passamaquoddy language. We say “until we see each other again”, or “travel safely”. There is a certain beauty in that; no finality, no sadness. We have someone very special that we are soon going to wish safe travels to.  Irene (Mitchell) Dewitt, or Miss Irene to her students and her family will soon be moving to another state when her husband Stephen is assigned to the base where he will be stationed. Stephen joined the Army last fall. Miss Irene has worked at Indian Township School as a paraprofessional for 12 years. She has also worked for the After School Program and for Ckuwapon Summer Camp for many years. Miss Irene has always worked with our youth, being a mentor and a role model.  Irene and family are about to have a big adventure, and I can’t help but be excited for them! To say she will be missed is putting it mildly. Social media and Skype will keep her in our lives, and remember…no good-byes. Home is where the heart is, and this is Irene’s home, so “Apc oc” until we see each other again.

Basketball is winding down to the end of the season. The remaining schedule is as follows:

1/26/17 – ITS @ Machias, 4:00

1/30/17 – East Range II @ ITS, 3:30

1/31/17 – ITS @ WJHS, 3:30

That’s all the news for this week. Until next time, take care, and keep learning!