Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

This morning (Monday) it looks as though the days of easy travel are over for a while.  The experts predicted a blizzard for eastern Maine and they were right.  Lulu’s deck is clear of snow, but I cannot get out the front door.  I would shovel a hole out, but as soon as I open the door, the snow fills the hall. Lulu does not have to go outside to play in the snow and she is a bit perplexed about that.  I heard we have another storm coming Wednesday into Thursday; maybe this storm will just stick around and wait for the next one.

Special hellos are being sent out to the following: Greta Leighton, Sandy Lyons, Lynn Hill, Avis McIntyre, Susan McCray who is waiting to reschedule her follow-up testing in Bangor, Shelly Bodkin, Arthur Furlong, Jimmy Lunn and Izzie Gibson and anyone else who needs a lift. I have heard that J. J. Hanson is having good days and bad days.  I want him to know we all wish him the best.

A special acknowledgement is going out to all of the schools and students who got behind the fundraising for the Narraguagus knight who has run into some medical problems.  I have seen several articles speaking on different schools and teams helping out. It is my opinion that the students in Washington County are some of the finest in the country. They certainly show a willingness to help others and that is a wonderful quality for any of us.

The members of People’s United Methodist Church have done a wonderful job of updating their church.  The renovations have made the sanctuary beautiful and efficient.  The new audio system has made hearing the programs much easier for the senior members and they all appreciate it.  The trustees have examined the fellowship hall and found a few repairs that will need to be addressed.  Specifically, the church has a water problem when we have rain or snow storms.  The water comes in around the foundation in the closet and that problem will have to be fixed and the floor repaired from the water damage.  Also the floor/foundation under the handicapped lift needs to be repaired.  These repairs may be big ticket items, but the members are willing to take them on.

The third installment of Reilly, Ace of Spies, will continue of Friday, February 17th at 6pm at the Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville.  The Reilly films are based on real history and are, therefore, extremely interesting for history buffs.

The library in Dennysville will not be having any more Story Times until March.  The weather and February vacation are providing a natural recess from the stories.  The library does have some pre-published books and some book sale books left over from the summer sales.  Anyone interested in them should visit the library and look them over.  Eventually, they will be taken to the Lions’ Club book shelves at the Tradewinds in Calais.

The 206th birthday of the Town of Robbinston will be celebrated with a big party on Saturday, February 18th from 1pm to 4pm at the Robbinston Historical Society’s Meeting House.  Members have scheduled a program on Robbinston’s founders, the Boston Cane presentation to the Society, tours of the Grace Chapel (weather permitting), activities for the youngsters and refreshments.  Let’s hope the weather co-operates.

Also on Saturday, February 18th the Edmunds-Dennysville Congregational Church members will have a baked bean supper in the Parish Hall beginning at 5pm.

On Sunday, February 26th a County-Wide Congregational Hymn Sing will be held at the Jonesport Congregational Church at 2:30pm.  All are invited to attend and join with others for their favorite hymns.

A big applause goes out to all of the Washington County teams that have made their way to play-off games and the tournament. Congratulations and may you enjoy safe travel. 


Stay safe and enjoy your week.