To Do Before The Next Storm

By Amy Jeanroy

With one blizzard behind us and the next only a day away, here are some safety and preparation tips to keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable. 

Now is the time to clear snow from doors and walkways. Be careful not to overexert yourself, and go slowly. Move snow to a location that will not block your view when exiting and entering your driveway. 

Fill up containers with fresh drinking water for both people and pets. Livestock need plenty of water to keep them warm. Freshen bedding and look for areas that snow has entered in barns and buildings. Take advantage of the sunny day and plug any locations where wind and snow is getting in. Animals can tolerate the cold but not the wind. 

Take stock of groceries and replenish or restock necessities. Consider making a large pot of soup or stew in a slow cooker. This can be easily reheated on a gas powered stove, even if you lose power. 

Make sure batteries are fresh and flashlights are handy in case of a power outage. 


Finally, update and add any emergency numbers you may need. If possible, include the number of any elderly or people living alone, to check in with them before, during and after a storm.