“Logan” Doesn’t Disappoint



By Kaileigh Deacon


I had mixed feelings about going to see this movie. I enjoyed the original “X Men” movies but haven’t seen any of the stand alone movies that focused on Wolverine. I went in expecting a couple of hours of action, just another superhero movie, but I was in for a surprise. 

“Logan” is set in 2029 in a future where the X-Men are no longer a group but simply a memory. Mutants as a whole are dwindling to significantly smaller numbers. Hiding out in Mexico, Logan works as a chauffeur trying to forget himself in a bottle while trying to take care of the ailing Professor Xavier. When a woman approaches Logan about driving her and a young girl to the Canadian border, Logan’s ‘quiet’ life picks up. The woman is found dead and then the girl shows up at Logan’s hideout followed by several less than reputable men. Logan and Professor Xavier now work to get the girl north, which will be anything but easy. 

Right off the bat this movie was much different than I expected. I was expecting non-stop full throttle action movie. I did get that but also a story. “Logan” was about the character of Logan, not Wolverine, but the man Logan who Wolverine is a part of. You can tell Logan is having a hard time, but watching him work through it makes the character even more human than any film in the past. 

The acting was amazing all around, nothing about it faltered or left you wanting more. Hugh Jackman gives Logan/Wolverine life like we’ve never seen before with grit, strength, and humanity. Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier is brilliant and leaves nothing to be desired. But the real shining star of this film was newcomer Dafne Keen as Laura (x-23). This young girl blew me out of the water with her performance. Not only her acting but the physical work she had to do. She had many demanding physical scenes that she made seem effortless. 

I would issue a warning to any parents who want to take young X-Men fans to this film. This film was given an R rating for a reason. There are many scenes in the film that would be disturbing to younger viewers due the very graphic nature. There is also a substantial amount of bad language. 

After watching this film I have to say that I was completely entertained for the entire length of the film, even though it’s well over two hours long. The action was well done and not so over the top that it became unbelievable or unnecessarily gory. The story line was also interesting that it made it good to watch and more than just an action film. I would give this film five out of five stars for just pure entertainment. This is an excellent film and a wonderful addition to the X-Men and Wolverine franchises. Also there is a additional bit at the beginning of the film that is sure to have you in stitches.