The Pembroke Historical Society Presents “Hessians & Loyalists”

British Control of Castine, Maine, in the American Revolution


The town of Castine, home to Maine Maritime Academy, is one of Maine’s most interesting American Revolutionary War locations. There, in 1779, following the American navy’s disastrous Penobscot Expedition, the British established Fort George as a haven for Loyalists. In 1782, the British reinforced their military presence with so-called Hessians; German troops from Hess, Braunschweig and Ansbach-Bayreuth. The result was a Loyalist outpost on the coast of Maine, protected by the Crown, before a majority moved to St. Andrews in 1783 as members of the Penobscot Association. The military and social aspects of this overlooked piece of history will be the topic of a May 22nd Pembroke Historical Society presentation by Dr. Anette Rodrigues, Professor of German at Maine Maritime Academy. The presentation, which starts at 7:00 PM, is perfect for adults, families, and students grades 5 through college. Admission is Free, with free refreshments afterwards. The May 22nd presentation takes place at the fully handicap accessible Pembroke Library, 221 Old County Road, Pembroke, opposite the Horse Track. For information, please contact Dr. Stephen Sanfilippo, Pembroke Historical Society program coordinator, at 207-726-4747,, or the Pembroke Library at 207-726-4745.