Popular Gaming Group Moves to Recreation Center For Summer


By Amy Jeanroy


If you have visited the Calais Free Library over the last year or so, you may have seen an uptick in visitors on Saturdays. The popular trading card game, “Magic, The Gathering” has garnered a large group of regular players. 

So large in fact that often the entire basement of the library is filled with tables for players. 

Magic players will be moving their meetings from the library to the Calais Recreation Department Center on Academy Street for the summer months. Where they usually meet is in the Genealogy room, which is especially busy during the summer months as visitors from away come to do family history research. 

Director Kathleen Staples assures everyone that the group will return in September after the summer tourist season fades. According to Staples, there are about 25 or so players who attend the card game regularly.