Beckett Center News

Monday, June 5th, we had some who practiced for summer games and we had some go to equestrian practice. Those that do not participate in either of those activities colored, did arts and crafts, and participated in games outside.

Tuesday, June 6th, some went swimming at the Garcelon in Canada and others played cards or colored pictures, went for walks, and played basketball.

Wednesday, June 7th, the crew played Bingo and participated in outdoor games.  

Thursday, June 8th, the Special Olympians cleaned the vans and practiced for the Olympics.

Friday, June 9th, the Olympians left Calais around 9:30 and their first stop was bowling at the Brewer Lanes. Due to the bad rain the parade was cancelled, so the crew had dinner at the Coach House. Next they ventured to Dairy Queen. Then everyone went back to their Dorms at UMO and went to bed.

Saturday, June 10th, was an early morning for everyone and they all went to Wells for Breakfast and then to the football field for events. For lunch they indulged in sandwiches and chips. Some received 1st (gold), 2nd (silver), and 3rd (bronze) place medals for their efforts. Then the group went back to the dorms and got ready for the dance. The theme of the dance was Tie Dye and the group was entertained by a live band and everyone reconnected with friends.

Sunday, June 11th, in the morning the participants were up early getting ready and headed to breakfast. Some had events and then hit the road back to Calais.