Adding Color to the Halls of CHS

Photo: The Class of 2020 and their freshman advisers worked hard to create this unique and beautiful mural that hangs across the hall from room 147. This is the first of many school improvement projects that will take place at Calais High School. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).

By Kaileigh Deacon


Though the school year has ended, before the last bell sounded through the halls of Calais High School one of its hallways got a small makeover. Down the halls just across from room 147 is a newly created Freshman Mural. 

The mural was part of the BARR program. BARR stands for Building Assets Reducing Risks. This was a new program at Calais High School this year for the freshman class focusing on getting them to connect to the building, the teachers, and other students. It is a program that hopes to take some of the stress that Freshman face and give them a chance to connect with their school. 

The Mural Project gave the freshman students and freshman teacher, who are also the advisors for the BARR program the chance to connect while constructing it. Each student and the three teachers were given a puzzle piece to decorate with whatever they wanted, so long as it was school appropriate. 

Each year as a freshman class comes into the school they will create their own mural that will be hung in other hallways around the school. 

“When this class graduates their mural will come down from the wall and the new freshmen’s will go up, so it’s always relevant to the students who are in the school,” teacher and BARR advisor Stephanie Griffin said. 

The BARR program and Class of 2020 had a lot of help in getting this mural ready. Supplies and money to complete the project were donated by Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative, Sherwin Williams, ACE Hardware, and the Townsend family. 

The BARR murals are just the first in steps being taken by the staff and teachers at Calais High School to improve their school. Later this summer there will be a co-ed softball tournament from which all of the funds raised will go toward other school improvement projects planned.